D-Force Empower Wheels 18x8.5 or 18x9.5 for BMW 5x120mm

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$99.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

The D-Force Wheels Empower Mesh wheel is not only designed to look great on your BMW, but they are pounds lighter, and stronger than the competition. The Empower Wheels utilize a construction method called flow forming. This production method makes them lighter than other mesh style wheels, with the added benefit of a specially heat treated finish that protects the wheel from damage. The D-Force Empower is available in 18"" fitments, staggered or non-staggered in high and low offsets

Make your BMW faster and look better with a set of quality D-Force Empower Wheels.

D Force Empower Wheels Features

   • Lightweight and durable wheel at an affordable price
    • Ideal track wheels for any BMW
    • Can be used with OEM BMW centercap
    • Specially heat treated finish for longevity


      • E36 1992-1999 3 Series/M3
      • E46 1999-2006 3 Series/M3
      • E90/E91/E92/E93 3 Series/M3 2009+
      • Z3/Z4 1997+
      • E39/E60 1997-2010 5 Series 

Wheel Weights

     • 18x8.5 - 19.3 Lbs
     • 18x9.5 ET25 - 20.9 Lbs
     • 18x9.5 ET43 20.1 Lbs

Wheel Size Offset Bolt Pattern Centerbore Finish Weight
18x8.5 ET15 5x120 74.1 Anthracite w/ machined lip 19.3
18x8.5 ET15 5x120 74.1 Chrome 19.3
18x8.5 ET15 5x120 72.56 Silver w/ machined lip 19.3
18x8.5 ET40 5x120 72.56 Anthracite w/ machined lip 19.3
18x8.5 ET40 5x120 72.56 Silver w/ machined lip 19.3
18x9.5 ET25 5x120 72.56 Anthracite w/ machined lip 20.9
18x9.5 ET25 5x120 74.1 Chrome 20.9
18x9.5 ET25 5x120 72.56 Silver w/ machined lip 20.9
18x9.5 ET43 5x120 72.56 Anthracite w/ machined lip 20.1
18x9.5 ET43 5x120 72.56 Silver w/ machined lip 20.1

Why Flow Formed Wheels?
The main reason why a flow formed wheel such as the D-Force Empower is better than a gravity or low pressure cast wheel is weight saving. The D-Force Empower Wheels are at least 5 Lbs lighter than the competition. This weight saving translates into huge gains in braking, cornering, and accelerating. Following the guideline that 1 Lbs removed from the wheels and tires is equal to 10 Lbs of static weight, by upgrading to the Empower versus a competitor wheel that is 5 Lbs heavier you are saving a total weight savings of 200 lbs!

The other reason many customers prefer flow formed wheels is there exceptional strength properties. The D-Force Empower can stand up to more abuse, where a cast wheel may bend or crack if you hit a pot hole at a high rate of speed.

The D-Force Empower Wheels are manufactured to meet the highest performance, quality, and safety standards in the industry. The wheel passes JWL and VIA standards to ensure the highest level of safety and quality for your BMW.

Shipping on the Empower Wheels is $99 anywhere with the lower 48 states. Local pickup of specific sizes and colors can be performed at our location in La Habra, CA. International shipping quotes are available via email.

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