VMR V703 VB3 CSL Style Wheels for BMW 5x120mm 18in 18x8.5'' + 18x9.5'' Matte Black

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A message from Mike@ModBargains, CEO:
""The first thing I like to say about our BMW VB3 CSL style wheels is that I have them installed on my own personal car. I got them installed on February 24th, 2005 (almost 2 years ago). They are still on my car to this day. The finish on the CSL wheels for my BMW is still flawless, there are no bends or cracks in the wheels after I have hit numerous potholes and even slid off the pavement at one point in time. If the owner of a company having VB3 CSL wheels installed on his own car doesn't make you confident about these wheels, then I don't know what will :)""

A review from our VB3 CSL wheel customers:
""Ever since getting the  VB3 CSL replica wheel and tire combo, I have been tracking the car VERY heavily. I have gone through 3 sets of tires, and the wheels have been in multiple high and low speed collisions. One impact in particular was at 45mph going into a 6+ inch cement curb and hitting both front wheels at that speed + popping the tires. I am just amazed by the quality of the wheels, they have held up extremely well with all this abuse, and while my stock 16"" wheels actually BENT at even slower impacts, these have held up and only show signs of a basic ""curb rash"" rather than deformation. I went through 3 sets of front wheel bearings and every single front control arm bushing is destroyed, while the rims are not even bent.""

""..I sent a long email to Mike at ModBargains explaining what I was lookin' for, what i was putting them on, what I had done to the car and a few general concerns I had. His response immediately put my mind at ease as his response was positive, thorough and cordial. Not only did he make me confident in spending money w/ MB, but he also guaranteed the lowest price on the net. I was sold, and placed my order.

The only thing left to do at this point was sit and wait. I did inquire as to the status of my order while waiting and Mike and the staff always responded, keeping me informed of where we were at in the process. And while it did take a few weeks for delivery (explained to me on the front end, as I ordered a wheel/tire combo and they had to order all components, then mount/balance, then ship), my new shoes arrived in perfect shape and very well packaged. They also advised me with tracking numbers as soon as these puppies shipped.

As for the product, I must say there is no better value out there. These are virtually the same weight as my oem 17's (that's right, 2 inches bigger and nearly the same weight), the finish is perfect and the concave nature of the CSL wheel is straight pimp (other reps don't have as nice of a shape). I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking to upgrade. They are offered in 18 and 19"", staggered/non-staggered setups, shipped with or w/o tires already mounted and balanced..."" -jllphan from bimmerwerkz.com
To see the FULL review from jllphan, CLICK HERE!

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All wheels have a layer of clear coat applied to them after painting and polishing. Not only does this make cleaning easier, it also helps preserve the shine on the wheels and protect them from brake dust. You may use any automotive soap to effectively clean these wheels. Additionally a thin layer of wax will enhance the shine.

These VB3 CSL style wheels are manufactured to meet the highest performance, quality, and safety standards in the industry. The wheel passes JWL, VIA, and ISO-9001:2000 standards to ensure the highest level of safety and quality.

For customers in Europe seeking TUV certification, the wheels are stamped on the back with the max load rating.  With this stamp on the back of the wheel, you are able to have this wheel approved for use on your vehicle under TÜV standards. You will not have any issues running this wheel due to strict TÜV regulations.

All E36, E46, E60 RWD, E90, E92, Z3, Z4, X3, X5 vehicles.

Tire / Mounting and Balancing
ModBargains.com also provides tires to all of our customers if you would like to order them from us, mounted and balanced onto the wheels for your convenience. Please contact us to find out what tires are available. When you e-mail, please be sure to include the year, make, and model of your car so that we can give you accurate information. Tire packages include 225/40/18 front and 255/35/18 rear tires.

Local pickup of these wheels can be performed in the southern California area Otherwise shipping is a flat $99 to the US. International shipping quotes are available via email.

These wheels are installed on our ModBargains Project Car. We only use the best products on our own car, and these wheels are simply amazing.

Size Bolt Pattern


Weight Center Bore  
18x8.5 5x120 +35, +20 24.0 lbs 72.60  
18x9.5 5x120 +45, +22, +33 24.4 lbs 72.60  

Why Buy Your VB3 CSL Wheels from ModBargains?
1. The owner of ModBargains was the first to have VB3 CSL style wheels installed on his own personal car. That was nearly two years ago and the wheels are still on his car. That says something about our own belief in these wheels as well as the level of support you will get from us on them.
2. ModBargains has a very close relationship with the manufacturer of the VB3 CSL style wheels for your BMW, which allows us to provide top notch customer service and fast delivery times.
3. We guarantee the fastest shipment.
4. We're obsessive about making our customers happy.
5. We offer a low price guarantee on all of our VB3 CSL wheels

VMR Wheels VB3 CSL Style are stocked at ModBargains.com
VMR VB3 et40 Super SilverVMR VB3 et45 Super Silver




VMR Wheels VB3 CSL Style Staggered Silver 135i white

VMR Wheels VB3 CSL Style Staggered Silver 135i white

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