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Cobb Stage 3 Package (AP, Exhaust, Intake, Plenum, Intercooler) for 1999-2004 Porsche 911 Turbo [996TT]

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We Price Match!

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We'll match or beat any competitor's price!

Some restrictions and exclusions apply.

Please see our full Price Match Policy for details.

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WARNING: product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and/or reproductive harm.
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DISCLAIMER: Products that affect or remove vehicle emissions equipment (Intakes, Manifolds, Tuners, etc) that do not have a CARB EO number may not be available for sale in the state of California. Please contact us if you are unsure if a product is available for sale in California. ModBargains complies with all EPA and CARB regulations.


  • Estimated 120+hp Gain!

  • Estimated 170+tq Gain!

  • NEW LCD screen for ease of use.

  • ECU flash, not a piggy-back tune

  • Installs in minutes using easy to use AccessPORT interface

  • Installs via OBDII connector, no tools required

  • Grows and changes as your modifications do

  • Uninstalls in minutes to return your ECU to stock configuration

  • Integrated performance tools to record 0-60 times, 1/4 ET & trap speed

  • Intuitive DTC code reading to help diagnose issues

  • Easily clear ECU codes

  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee

  • Downloadable free performance maps as released

Cobb Tuning V3 AccessPORT Logo

The Cobb Accessport provides a significantly cheaper tuning solution for your Porsche 996 Turbo compared to other options currently available.  Plus, because of the dedication from Cobb Tuning, you know you can expect amazing performance, great customer support and the comfort of knowing you have one of the best tunes available for your car.

To achieve Stage III Power Gains, you need the hardware to back that up. That's why we're bundling the Cobb AccessPORT, Fabspeed Intake and AWE Tuning Exhaust to create the Stage III package for the 996. Picking up where our Stage II package left off, the Stage III package adds a high performance intercooler and plenum set to maximize horsepower. Stage III estimated gains are around 120HP and 170TQ to the wheels, though this varies car-to-car.


This Cobb V3 AccessPORT unleashes the hidden power within your Porsche by taking off the the restrictive factory settings and software.  This V3 plugs into your OBD port and flashes your computer (ECU) in a matter of minutes in order to fully optimize the engines and turbo's potential.  The tuning is extremely flexible and allows you to choose on the fly one of the performance maps that are already loaded onto the AccessPORT. This tune is an ECU flash, not a piggy-back tuner, there will be no added devices to your vehicle's ECU. Extract every bit of power from your Porsche 996 Turbo today and drastically improve performance with a Cobb Stage 2 Performance Package from ModBargains!



More Than 21% Horsepower Increase (87HP+!) Stage 2 91 // More Than a 30% Torque Increase (124TQ+!) Stage 2 91 // NEW Easy to use LCD Screen






Cobb Tuning V3 AccessPORT Kit

If you have any questions about this Cobb Stage 2 Performance Package for the Porsche 996 Turbo? Give us a call today at 714-582-3330


Porsche 996 Turbo Accessport V3 Highlights

Cobb Tuning V3 Larger, full color, higher resolution screen

Larger, full color, higher resolution screen...
We super sized the screen for ease of use and better monitoring. Full text help menus, multi-gauge layouts, full map descriptions and more. This screen has room to spare - so no need to run back to your laptop.

Cobb Tuning V3 Customizable multi-gauge display

Customizable multi-gauge display...
Want gauges? No problem. The V3 now supports up to 6 fully customizable gauges with 1/1000 resolution. Monitor all the parameters you want to see and customize each layout for street, strip or track.

Cobb Tuning V3 Faster and easier to use with a familiar face

Faster and easier to use with a familiar face...
We listened to what you wanted. Use your same maps, monitor your same parameters, and troubleshoot your same codes, but now with more. More speed, more memory, more map storage, more live gauges, and more troubleshooting help.

Interchangeable faceplates...
Is it your Accessport or our Accessport? It's yours. Customize it as you see fit. The new V3 comes with 2 interchangeable bezels, blue and grey, or put your own touches on one. Our favorite is the chrome one installed in our GT-R.

Porsche 996 Turbo Accessport V3 Features

Cobb Tuning Accessport Features: Simple Installation

Simple Installation
 Everything is included for the simple installation!  Intuitive on-screen instructions identify your exact vehicle and available maps.
Cobb Tuning Accessport Features: Simple Uninstallation

Simple Uninstall
 Revert your ECU to exactly as it was before with the easy to use Uninstall option from the main menu.
Cobb Tuning Accessport Features: Troubleshooting Codes

Trouble Codes
 Read engine trouble codes to diagnose issues.  Clear them when resolved.  Prevent expensive trips to the dealership.
Cobb Tuning Accessport Features: Change Maps

Change Maps
Store up to 100 maps from our OTS map database or from your favorite COBB tuner and quickly switch between them for any need.
Cobb Tuning Accessport Features: Gauges

Use your Accessport as a gauge to monitor boost or any other live information, directly from the ECU.
Cobb Tuning Accessport Features: Data Logging

Data Logging
 Record multiple data channels simultaneously for in-depth evaluation of engine performance.  Stores up to 10 hours.
Cobb Tuning Accessport Features: Performance Measuring

Performance Measuring
 Welcome to your own performance evaluation suite!  Measure 0-60 mph time, 60 foot and ¼ mile ET’s. and Trap Speed.
Cobb Tuning Accessport Features: Shift Light

Shift Light
Set custom RPM warning lights for perfect shifts every time.

Cobb Tuning Accessport Features: AP Manager

AP Manager
Use your PC or Mac to manage maps, download recorded datalogs, or quickly update your Accessport.  Download free from right HERE.

About The Intake

Fabspeed has developed this intake kit to use the fan and snorkal to their advantage, force feeding the intake, actually increasing the boost by 3/4 pounds.  It is constructed out of C.N.C. air craft machined with T304 Stainless steel with a BMC air filter, while maintaining the stock mass air flow plastic sensor grate and location for maximum power and no Check Engine Light.  Do not settle for and anything less then perfection in your Porsche 996TT and get your Fabspeed intake kit.


  • All 996TT/X50/GT2 Vehicles 1998-2005
  • +20.5 HP and +21.7 ft. Lbs of torque
  • 3/4 LB extra boost with no other changes. Allows unobstructed airflow to the twin turbo engine for MAXIMUM POWER.
  • COLD AIR is force fed to the engine's air filter by the STOCK fan and snorkel.
  • Easy to install and saves weight. C.N.C. air craft machined with T304 Stainless steel drip edge.
  • Retains stock MASS AIRFLOW plastic sensor grate and location for maximum power and no Check Engine Light.
  • More sports car sound and you can hear the TURBOS and intake working so you have a more EXOTIC sound!


  • All 996TT/X50/GT2 Vehicles 1998-2005


About The Exhaust

Throughout the entire Porsche 996TT/GT2 Performance Exhaust’s R&D process, AWE Tuning has taken extra steps to produce a no compromise exhaust muffler.  The result?  Perfect tone, even at part throttle between 2000 and 2800 RPM.



  • Max Gains of 30hp and 29tq / Peak Gains of 28hp and 14tq
  • Fits 996TT and GT2 models
  • High Flow Cat and Test Pipe versions available
  • European Car magazine Select Gear winner!
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Specifically Designed To Prevent Drone
  • Awesome ""War Cry Wail"" Under WOT

Unique to the AWE Tuning Porsche 996TT/GT2 Performance Exhaust is that our design incorporates German HJS 200 cell per square inch metal substrate catalytic converters, to ensure long term emission compliance and no check engine lights. The use of premium 200 cell per square inch cats produced less than 1 psi of additional backpressure when compared to the optional AWE Tuning 996TT/GT2 Test Pipes. As with all AWE Tuning exhaust products, each TIG weld is hand finished internally, only butt-welded junctions are used, and flange openings are size matched to their ports, all to produce the smoothest flow possible. It is this intensive attention to detail that sets AWE Tuning exhaust products heads and shoulders above the rest.

Each AWE Tuning Porsche 996TT/GT2 Performance Exhaust features an O2 sensor, threaded bung before the driver side catalytic converter for quick and easy installation of a wide band air/fuel sensor. Each system also comes complete with new hanging straps, exhaust nuts, and all gaskets to ensure a perfect, leak free install.

About The Intake Plenum:
IPD has developed a way to make 40-45 horsepower with a simple bolt on. This IPD plenum will replace your inefficient T shaped intake manifold for this Y shaped or plenum intake manifold. The plenum is simple, it channels air more efficiently and increases air speed ten fold. This IPD plenum is a simple product, but there is nothing short of amazing with the gains you will see and feel!

If you can't believe the gains, take a look at the DYNO's below for the official DYNO sheets!!!

If you have any further questions about these IPD Plenums please give us a call at 714-582-3330

IPD Plenum Benefits/Features
  • Satisfaction Money back guarantee
  • Your choice of 68mm or 74mm plenum
  • Cast aluminum and polished
  • Increased 30-40 HP and 40-45 TQ
  • Great for stock to highly modded Porsche 911 turbos
IPD Plenum Applications
  • 996 Turbo/S/X50/GT2 IPD Plenum 68mm / Part #96268
  • 996 Turbo/S/X50/GT2 IP


AWE Tuning or Wagner Tuning

Wagner Tuning Porsche 911 Turbo [996 TT] EVO Intercooler Kit

This Porsche 911 Turbo [996 TT] EVO Intercooler kit from Wagner Tuning is a high-performance redesign of the OEM intercooler system. Designed for optimal performance, these intercoolers are a significant improvement over the OEM design, offering improved flow and air-charge cooling properties than the OEM intercooler. CAD Designed and FEM optimized, this intercooler kit is a 100% factory replacement and utilizes the OEM mounting points for simple, straightforward installation and enhanced performance.

wagner tuning evo intercooler for Porsche 996

Key Features:

  • EVO Intercooler Cores: 355mm x 220mm x 90mm Core Design (7,029 cm³ per Intercooler)
  • CAD-designed, FEA optimized Minimum-Pressure-Loss-Design
  • CNC-Machined Cast Aluminum End Tanks
  • 63.5mm Input & Output
  • Stealth Black Finish
  • Includes Black Silicone Boost-Rated Tubing In Flow-Optimized Configuration
  • OEM-like, Plug-N-Play Fit For Simple & Straightforward Installation
  • Includes CNC-Machined Hose Adapters + Clamps
  • Includes Mounting Kit


AWE Tuning 911 [996TT] Performance Intercooler Kit

 AWE Tuning 997.2TT 911 Porsche modbargains modauto 4510-11044

The AWE Tuning 911 [996TT] Intercooler has a more efficient core design compared to the stock intercooler on your 911 [996TT]. The end tanks are also designed more efficiently than the stock plastic end tanks. The design of the core and end tanks of the AWE Tuning 911 [996TT]  Intercooler for your 911 [996TT] gives your performance vehicle less pressure drop and improved cooling, which equates to increased performance.

AWE Tuning 911 [996TT] Performance Intercooler Benefits

     • OEM-spec performance
     • Cast end tanks
     • More efficient core design
     • Decrease in pressure drop and improved cooling
     • Easy installation - uses factory mounts
     • 1 year limited warranty


If you have any questions about this Cobb Stage 2 Performance Package for the Porsche 996 Turbo? Give us a call today at 714-582-3330

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