BMR Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit for 2015+ Mustang GT [S550] CB005

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BMR Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit for 2015+ Ford Mustang GT [S550] CB005


  • Get Better Traction & Hook Up Faster by Reducing Wheelhop, Bushing Deflection & Cradle Movement
  • Centers The Rear Cradle for Consistent, Predictable Handling
  • Allows you to Jack Up your Mustang without putting undue stress on the body by adding a solid rear jacking point to each side,
    making jacking easier and safer for the chassis


Model Year Range / Chassis Part Number
Ford Mustang GT 2015+ [S550] CB005





Throughout testing, BMR has seen about an 80%-90% reduction in fore/aft and lateral cradle bushing deflection. A car with no other mods and stock tires that isn’t driven overly hard is going to see a 90% or higher reduction, while a more race oriented S550 with sticky tires will see slightly less of a reduction. Launching the test vehicle at over 7,000 rpm on drag radials, BMR saw about an 80% reduction in bushing deflection. Through the testing BMR has seen a 95% or greater reduction in vertical deflection in all testing situations. When performance is a must, rely on BMR Suspension!

Ford Mustang GT 2015 Eibach ProKit BMR Sways etc Roush Wheels-10

BMR Suspension’s CB005 Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit is available in black hammertone and red powdercoat for long-lasting good looks. Installation time is 1-2 hours. Proudly made in the U.S.A.!



Special Notes
***NOTE: This product does not currently work on Convertible models, unless you install it without the fore-end lower cradle braces.***


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