Berk Technology BMW E82 135i / 1M Resonated Midpipes

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Increase your horsepower and add a deep aggressive exhaust note with this Berk Technology Resonated Midpipes.  Berk is the only one who makes a separate resonated midpipe that fits both the 135i and the 1M.  It utilizes a larger diameter piping to increase flow and spool time while removing OEM rear resonator box and catalytic converters. This Berk midpipe incorporates dual straight through resonators giving the midpipes a more aggressive tone while still maintaining a smooth note. They are made out of high quality stainless steel and are guaranteed to fit perfectly! Get your set today and have your BMW 135i or 1M sounding like it should have from the factory.
  • Weight savings over stock.
  • 100% Bolt on. No cutting!
  • Deep, throaty, & slightly exotic when you are at full throttle
  • More Power and better MPG
  • Dual 2.5"" Midpipe tubes
  • 2008+ E82 135i
  • 2011 E82 1M

If you have any questions about these Berk Technology 135i / 1M Resonated Midpipes please call us at 714-582-3330

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