AWE Tuning 4.2L S-Flo Intake for 2008+ Audi S5 [B8] 4.2L V8 2660-13018

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  • Peak gains: +11 hp and +9 ft lb at the crank
  • Factory airbox is retained for ultimate intake air heat shielding
  • New deep growl from engine bay
  • OE Style locking rib at inlet and outlet of silicone hose
  • Significant power gains while retaining desired sound
  • Utilizes proprietary S-FLO Filter


Year(s) Body Drivetrain Transmission Part
2008 - 2012 Coupe Quattro ALL S5 4.2L S-Flo Intake System
2008 - 2012 Coupe Quattro ALL Filter Cleaning Kit


Shown in Optional Carbon Fiber

AWE Tuning really sent their time with this S5 intake.  This car is a serious performer so AWE spend extra time in R&D, engineering this intake to allow the big 4.2L V-8 to draw in as much air as possible.  With this intake AWE focused on the components where there was potential for power, as opposed to replacing quality OEM sections. By doing so, AWE Tuning has created an Intake system that truly unlocks Performance: Just big power gains, tasteful aesthetics, and perfect daily drivability.


Aftermarket intakes with open air filters suck in the heat from the engine bay, which can kill power gains generated by a freer flowing filter. By retaining the factory airbox and putting on the AWE Tuning S-FLO Intake, AWE was able to provide the needed barrier against the hot engine bay air, while producing a stealth appearance.

AWE Tuning decided replace the restrictive factory hose with the AWE Tuning Nomex lined, steel wire reinforced silicone hose. The AWE Tuning hose is designed to have optimal flow geometry into, through and out of the tube. A molded lip is integrated where the hose mates to the airbox to ensure a proper seal.

The S-FLO Filter
The AWE Tuning S-FLO Intake employs the proprietary S-FLO Filter – the washable, large cone filter that has been independently lab tested to allow 34% more airflow than the factory paper filter. The filter is oiled (as opposed to paper) to help facilitate the more aggressive air flow. The AWE Tuning S-FLO Filter is the largest possible filter that can fit within the airbox. We chose an oiled filter because they, by design, flow more than the paper equivalent.

Carbon Fiber S-Flo Intake

AWE Tuning 4.2L S-Flo Intake Audi B8 S5

AWE Tuning 4.2L S-Flo Intake Audi B8 S5

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