Turbosmart Internal Wastegate IWG75 (12PSI) for 2016+ Ford Focus RS TS-0622-9122

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• Keep your RS at the head of the pack with even more power and smoother engine response

• Raise your your RS to its maximum potential keeping boost where it belongs... in the engine (Replaces the steel factory waste gate that LEAKS BOOST)

  • 2016+ Ford Focus RS [2.3L DOHC DI TURBO]

This IWG ONLY works with Focus RS 2.3L engine 

Installation Guide (Universal)

The RS's standard actuator does not let the Focus reach its full potential, even at standard boost pressures.

OEM wastegate actuators tend to use soft springs, which begin to open long before peak boost is reached.

The result is that you don't get all the boost you could be getting.



Turbosmart's IWG-75 Internal Wastegate Actuator is a 12PSI-rated actuator designed with performance and reliability as key priorities.

Turbosmart's actuator provides faster boost build-up and less drop-off at high RPMs, with a more responsive and stable boost curve.

This provides a dramatic improvement to the vehicle's responsiveness and performance compared to the standard actuator, especially in the mid range.



So you just picked up a brand new Focus RS and you think your the fastest kid on the block.  It might be hard to believe but there's even more performance trapped in the RS that the factory components hold back. Second place is the first looser, so keep your RS at the head of the pack and be the envy of Focus enthusiasts everywhere.


Please contact us if you have questions about how to properly Turbosmart your RS (714) 582-3330

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