Turbosmart Boost Reference Adapter for 2005-2014 Mk5/6 GTi

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Turbosmart Boost Reference Adapter For Golft V&VI GTi/R

  • Keep your engine bay presentable with a clean install (no need to cut into manifold)
  • Turn heads every gear change by adding an aftermarket external blow-off valve


  • Precision Billet aluminum construction
  • Zero-Leaks with excellent fitment
  • A must for aftermarket gauge installs that need a boost reference


Want to run a Boost Gauge or Blow-Off Valve, but don't have any accessible vacuum sources?

Using the Turbosmart BRA (Boost Reference Adapter) allows you to use conventional vacuum operated accessories such as gauges or blow-off valves on modern solenoid controlled turbocharged engines.

This one is designed to work with the 2.0L turbo engine found in the VW Golf GTI and Golf R. It provides two additional vacuum/boost ports while providing uninterrupted pressure to the factory MAP sensor.



Golf GTi/R TS-0720-1002

Turbosmart Boost Reference Adapter For VW Golf GTi and Golf R

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