Swift Sport Springs for Lexus

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The Swift Sport Springs For Your Lexus are meant to keep the quality ride you get when your car is new, but adds improved handling and a lower ride height for all driving enthusiasts and style minded drivers seeking the best performance out of their car.

When Swift set out to make new, driver oriented springs, they had 3 main goals.

  1. Maintain or improve the ride of the vehicle

  2. Increase handling and reducing body roll and squat for perfect suspension balance

  3. Lower the vehicle for looks, while keeping the shock within its usable stroke

Many car enthusiasts have had lowering springs installed on their cars before, and many of them had bad results; harsh/rough driving, clunks from their struts or they end up with a lowered car that handles worse than it did at stock height with stock springs.  To solve this, Swift has created a proprietary material to make their springs out of-H5S.TW.  H5S.TW ha a much quicker transient respond, and will react to any road conditions which provide a smoother ride on harsh road surfaces when a normal spring will cause the tire to bounce and skip these road imperfections.

Every Sport Spring that is offered by Swift has been carefully designed with your vehicle weight, stock struts and parts in mind, to achieve the most performance you vehicle is capable of, while still keeping a comfortable ride.

Swift Sport Spring Benefits
  • Lower Center of Gravity
  • Maintains use of Factory strut travel
  • Increase handling with proper suspension balance
  • Maintains smooth, comfortable ride


Infinity G37 ARK DT-P modbargains
Model Year Front Spring Rate Rear Spring Rate Front Drop Rear Drop Part Number
Lexus SC430 2002-2004 5.8Kg/mm or 325bs/inch 5.2Kg/mm or 291lbs/inch 20mm/0.8 Inch 15mm/0.6 Inch 4T024
Lexus GS300/400/430 1998-2005 6.0Kg/mm or 336bs/inch 4.8Kg/mm or 269lbs/inch 25mm/1.0 Inch 25mm/1.0 Inch 4T904
Lexus GS350/460 2007-2012 4.3Kg/mm or 241bs/inch 4.7Kg/mm or 263lbs/inch 25mm/1.0 Inch 20mm/0.8 Inch 4T051
Lexus GS350 2013+ 5.0Kg/mm or 280bs/inch 7.5Kg/mm or 419lbs/inch 20mm/0.8 Inch 15mm/0.6 Inch 4T052
Lexus IS250-RWD Only 2006+ 4.6Kg/mm or 258bs/inch 5.2Kg/mm or 291lbs/inch 20mm/0.8 Inch 15mm/0.6 Inch 4T040
Lexus IS350-RWD Only 2006+ 4.6Kg/mm or 258bs/inch 5.2Kg/mm or 291lbs/inch 25mm/1.0 Inch 20mm/0.8 Inch 4T040
Lexus LS430 2001-2006 4.6Kg/mm or 503bs/inch 2.8Kg/mm or 157lbs/inch 20mm/0.8 Inch 10mm/0.4 Inch 4T023
Lexus ISF 2008+ 9.0Kg/mm or 363lbs/inch 8.0Kg/mm or 447lbs/inch 25mm/1.0 Inch 15mm/0.6 Inch 4T906

Swift Sport Springs On the Track

Swift sport Springs Modbargains

Swift sport Springs Modbargains

Swift sport Springs Modbargains


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