Supersprint Sport Muffler 1999-2006 BMW M3 [E46] (Several Tip Options)

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About This Muffler
This Supersprint exhaust system for the E46 M3 is the silent but deadly exhaust for your 2001-2006 M3. Not being too much louder than OEM, this exhaust is perfect for those who are looking for the added performance and that sporty and subtle note, but aren't looking for that unwanted attention, especially from the wrong people like the police! Weighing in at around 40LBS, this exhaust is perfect for those of you that are looking to cut weight from your car, while adding performance and that mean sound that you have been looking for. Combined with the matching mid-pipes (Sections 1&2), Metallic Catalytic Converters, and Headers, your car will sound like the way a true performance car was meant to sound!

Tips and Options
This Supersprint muffler comes with 4 different tip options and 2 performance levels. The regular muffler is just slightly louder than stock and comes w/ 4 round tips or 2 flat oval tips. The sport muffler is slightly louder than the regular muffler and is still very subtle compared to stock and comes w/ 4 round tips or the BMP RS Tips. For a louder exhaust, please see our Supersprint Race muffler!

Benefits Of This Exhaust

  • Better Sound
  • Decreased Weight
  • Increased Horsepower / Torque
  • Unlimited Mile 2/3* Year Warranty

Supersprint Build Quality
All Supersprint mufflers are of the flow through resonated design. This means each unit has no chambers or baffles to reduce velocity. Simply, a straight through in & out design. The internal components are 100% stainless steel with a high heat resistant rock wool sound suppressing material, not found in any other systems. This is the reason we can offer you sound legal performance exhaust systems. Tubing is always mandrel bent for maximum flow. Flanges and hangers are O.E. or better quality for a perfect fit every time. Housings are all manufactured from 1.5mm material that is M.I.G. welded at all seams. The stainless systems are 100% 304 stainless, the mild steel systems are aluminized on the inside and out, then black heat coated for corrosion prevention. Supersprint offers the largest tip style choices in the world.

Choosing The Proper Application For Your Car
When mated with the Supersprint Headers and Sections 1&2 Resonator Delete mid-pipes, the Supersprint E46 M3 Sport Muffler will sound extremely loud and will attract a lot of unwanted attention, especially from the Police. It is very important to be aware of what you will use your setup for and therefore pick the proper pieces to satisfy your needs.

We Recommend The Following Solutions
Street: Supersprint Sport Muffler and Supersprint Section 2 Mid-Pipe. The reason for this is because the Sport Muffler is not extremely loud and and added Section 2 Pipe will give you a perfect note for everyday drivability.

Performance Street: Supersprint Sport Muffler, Section 1&2 Mid-Pipes with no resonators. We recommend no resonators with this setup because the resonators dampen the noise of the exhaust, but with the sport muffler, you can afford to not run resonators.

Race: Supersprint Sport Muffler, Supersprint Section 1&2 Mid-pipes without Resonators, Supersprint Headers, Supersprint Metallic Cats. The reason we do not recommend this setup for any kind of street driving is because this setup is extremely loud and will exceed the legal decibel Limit for your car's exhaust. This setup is ideal for track use due to the fact that this setup has the least restriction and gives the highest Horsepower/ Torque gains

* Two year warranty on non-stainless steel items / Three year warranty on Full stainless steel items

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