StopTech Stainless Brake Lines 2006-13 BMW 3-Series Coupe/Convertible [E92/E93]

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Tired of the soft, sloppy pedal feel of your E92's factory brake system? Firm it up with StopTech's new E92 stainless steel brake lines. These brake lines improve pedal feel and reduce the amount of time between applied pedal pressure and actual deceleration by reducing the expansion that is allowed by stock rubber flex lines. This provides a quicker pedal response and allows the driver to maintain consistent brake pressure with precision brake modulation. All necessary brackets and fasteners are included with each line kit. Adding a set of StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines to your performance vehicle will provide an immediate improvement to brake performance and pedal feel from the very first stop.


StopTech brake lines consist of a Teflon® inner line that is covered with a layer of stainless steel woven braid. The Teflon tube is very resistant to expansion under pressure and will not degrade from exposure to brake fluid. The stainless steel braid provides support for the Teflon and the weave is extremely durable against incidental impact and abrasion. StopTech brake lines feature a Clear Abrasion Resistant Cover for maximum protection against chaffing


All StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines are DOT  compliant and 100% tested to a pressure of 4500 psi.

-2006 E90 325 excluding xi
-2006 E90 330i excluding xi
-2007-2012 E90 328i Sedan
-2007-2012 E91 328i Sports Wagon
-2007-2012 E92 328i Coupe excluding xi
-2007-2012 E90 & E92 335i Sedan and Coupe
-2007-2012 E90/E92 335xi/xdrive (950.34024)

What our customers say about this product:

""I recieved the Stoptech lines and ATE fluid in about a week. The quality of the lines were top notch, along with the extra instructions that came with them. The rubber coating is a big plus, as it definately adds to the longevity of the lines. As far as extra performance, the lines and fluid firmed up the pedal slightly under normal braking and quite a bit under hard braking."" - Andrew M from E46Fanatics

StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines are designed as direct replacement parts for stock brake lines. The replacement lines typically follow the same routing as the stock lines. While the design is tolerant of slight modifications to the intended vehicle, any excessive lowering or raising of the vehicle may make the lines unsuitable for use on that particular car, truck, or SUV. Also, the lines include provisions for routing attachments on the stock suspension, such as brackets on the strut. If an aftermarket suspension is on the vehicle, the stock mounting points may not be on those components.

If alternate routing or modifications are required, it is the sole responsibility of the installer to assure that the lines are not binding or touching any part of the suspension or drive train. Inspect the line routing through the entire range of suspension travel, both up and down and left-to-right. If there is any question as to whether or not the install is correct, do not drive the vehicle until there is absolute assurance the lines are safely routed.

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