StopTech 2004-10 BMW 5-Series [E60] Street Perf. Brake Pads

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Are you tired of your stock mushy feeling brakes, but do not feel like spending over a grand to get that responsive feel?  StopTech has developed street performance brake pads as your solution.  They are one of the most affordable brake pads on the market, as well as having one of the most advanced stopping power

StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads are engineered to meet the demands of high performance driving situations while maintaining their ability to work in every-day driving conditions. StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads combine the benefits of premium street brake pads with aggressive friction formulas suitable for track day and autocross use. Para-Aramid composites deliver optimum stopping performance over a wide temperature range and are specially formulated to deliver linear response in both cold and hot conditions. All StopTech Brake pads are 100% positive molded and include OE style shims to eliminate noise associated with brake pad vibration. In addition each StopTech brake pad is scorched to remove any impurities in the friction material. While this does not eliminate the need to bed-in new pads it does provide improved stopping power right out of the box.

Why Choose StopTech Brake Pads?
  • Combines benefits of premium street pads with aggressive
    friction formulas suitable for track use

  • Para-Aramid composites deliver optimum stopping performance

  • 100% positive molded

  • 100% shimmed to eliminate noise and vibrations

  • 100% scorched for easy bed-in

  • Great brake modulation

  • Very Affordable


  • Less brake noise than Axxis Ultimate Brake Pads

  • Less dust than the Axxis Ultimate Brake Pads

  • Similar heat temperatures to Ferodo DS2500 Pads


Year              Vehicle E60/61 Front Rear
04 - 9/29/06     525i/525xi 04-05 Auto Trans - 309.09180 / Manual Trans - 309.07250 309.06830
9/30/06 - 07     525i/525xi 525i - 309.10610 / 525xi - 309.09180 309.06830
08-09              528i/528xi E60 309.09180 309.06830
04-07              530i/530xi E60 309.09180  309.06830
08-09              535i/535xi E60/61 309.09180  535i - 309.09190 / 535xi - 309.06830
04-09              545i/550i E60 309.09180  309.09190
06-09              M5 E60 N/A 309.09190
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