Sprint Booster V3 for Cadillac

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  • Surprise your passengers with instantaneous power
  • Launch harder than the person that lines up next to you
  • Come out of corners like a race car
  • More enjoyable highway pulls
  • Adrenaline rush every time you press the pedal to the floor


  • Improved throttle response

  • Reduce acceleration lag

  • 3 acceleration modes (off, street, race)

  • Pedal lock mode

  • Valet mode

  • Small and compact for easability of installing

  • 36 acceleration programs

  • Plug n Play Installation


  • Most Cadillac vehicles (that are not equipped with a traditional throttle cable)

Are you looking to give your vehicle a little more pep? The brand new Sprint Booster V3 introduces a whole new way for you to enjoy your vehicle by providing a Plug and Play performance enhancer that anyone can install in about 20 minutes. It helps eliminates the feeling of lag when you press down on the pedal and nothing happens.*

The new V3 option from Sprint Booster features some added features over the previous V2 model. Some of these features include Pedal Lock mode, Valet mode, and a new and more compact design. Also to mention the V3 comes with 36 acceleration programs compared to that of the V2 which only came with 3 programs.

*The Sprint Booster works by simply plugging in the Sprint Booster into your pedals ECM (Electronic Control Module), which then sends a signal to your ECU to help or even totally eliminate acceleration lag between your pedal and ECU.

Please contact us if you have questions about the new Sprint Booster V3 for your Cadillac.
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