Solo Performance V6 G8 Axle Back Exhaust Kit

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Solo Performance G8 V6 Axle Back Exhaust Kit

This Solo Performance Axle Back Exhaust Kit for your Pontiac G8 V6 is sure to step up the sound from the stock setup.  While some people enjoy quiet exhaust systems, the stock cats and muffler for the G8 V6 are so calm that you can't even hear the car while you're on it.  It's so toned down that you listen to more road noise than car noise on the inside.  But with the Solo Performance Axle Back kit, it puts your G8 V6 on a whole different level! It gives you a beautiful, muscular sound with a low and bassy idle that makes it sound like a V8.  But don't be fooled, because when you really get on it, you get that signature V6 scream that sends chills down your spine and makes you want to drive until the sun goes down. 

This revolutionary system is made to perfectly balance out loudness and exhaust tone.  It's very rare to find an exhaust system that can give a V6 engine a pleasant sound without drone, but Solo Performance made it their mission to achieve that goal and came out with an amazing product that exceeds expectations.  What's great besides the amazing sound is that it is completely made out of stainless steel for that no-rust look throughout the life of your car.  And if you want to put it on yourself, the system is completely bolt-on for easy installation!  So if you're seeking a huge sound out of your G8 V6, make an order with ModBargains for your Solo Performance axle back exhaust kit today!

Interested in the Solo Performance G8 V6 Axle Back Exhaust Kit? Please give ModBargains a call at: (714)-582-330


  • Boosts horsepower and torque
  • HUGE sound for a V6
  • No drone, just enough loudness
  • No more road noise!
  • 100% bolt-on!
  • No rust for the life of your car!


  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Completely bolt-on
  • No flat spots, factory tuned


Part Number Part Name Make Model Year
994186 Axle Back Exhaust Pontiac G8 V6 2008-2009

Get That Pure And Mean V6 Sound Without The Drone Or Flat Spots!



100% Bolt On For A Nice And Easy Fit That Lasts Through All The Wear And Tear!

Interested in the Solo Performance G8 V6 Axle Back Exhaust Kit? Please give ModBargains a call at: (714)-582-330

Completely Stainless Steel Throughout For That Head Turning Shine On Your Tips!!!

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