Remus Cat-Back Exhaust System w/ Valve for 2017+ Honda Civic Type R [FK8]

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Remus Sport Exhaust for Honda Civic Type R [FK8]
  • Turn heads with big sound, or go for stealth. Remus gives you the control to change your sound on demand
  • Unleash all your turbo-charged horses and free up extra power from your engine
  • Beautiful satin finish is media blasted for unmatched durability


  • 100% Stainless steel and fully shot-blasted for corrosion resistance

  • Increases Horsepower and Torque while maintaining Efficiency

  • Handmade in Austria with 24 month warranty


  • 2017+ Honda Civic Type R [FK8]

Your Type R is the best, and it deserves the best. Remus is here to bring their Austrian expertise to bring not only big power gains to your FK8, but also the ability to control the sound on the fly.

Unlike the factory system which simply has a small passive resonated center exhaust, this Remus system offers a integrated valve with valve controller app. This app links to your vehicles OBD2 port to allow fully automatic operation. This added feature completely transforms your CTR driving dynamics allowing you the ability to choose the exhaust type of sound you want from your FK8's tail pipe. Need to leave early in the morning with out waking the dead? Shut the exhaust valve and run in stealth mode. Want to scare the guy staring at you across a stop light? Open the valve up and let all the pops and bangs fly.

There is even the option to run in full automatic mode where the exhaust valve can open or close based on throttle demand, rpm, or even user defined presets.

This functionality is done through a Bluetooth app for your phone where you can customize all the settings to control how much and when the valve opens, or full manual operation. All very slick and definitely something that sets Remus apart from any other cat-back exhaust system you'll find for your FK8.

Remus Sport Exhaust for Honda Civic Type R FK8

Remus Sport Exhaust Installed for Honda Civic Type R FK8

Remus Sport Exhaust for Honda Civic Type R FK8 Installed w/ Black Street Race Tips

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