PIAA Xtreme and Star White Bulbs for Volkswagen GTI/Golf IV

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PIAA Xtreme White Plus Blubs
Stock light output not strong enough for you? Looking for a brighter, more vivid look? Upgrade your stock VW bulbs with PIAA's very popular Xtreme White Plus technology bulb. Rated at 4000K and providing nearly twice the wattage of your stock bulbs these bulbs will provide a brilliant  cool white light that will light up road hazards and street signs long before a normal halogen bulb, giving you a more classy look and better road safety.

PIAA Star White Blubs
Star White bulbs are significantly whiter and brighter than normal halogen bulbs. The Star White bulbs operate at 3800K while normal halogen bulbs operate at 3200K. Star White bulbs feature PIAA’s exclusive XTRA Technology, which increases bulb performance without using more of your car's electrical system. PIAA Star White Bulbs can be used to upgrade performance in headlamps, fog lights, driving lamps and many other applications, throughout the vehicle.

  • Brighter then stock
  • Higher output
  • Brilliant white color
  • SAE/DOT approved
  • Increase in road safety
  • Classy look
Application Guide
Make Model Year Bulb Style Bulb Type Wattage Notes Part Number #
Volkswagen GTI/Golf/R32 IV 98-04 Xtreme White Plus 9004 65/45w=120/95w Low Beam 19614
Volkswagen GTI/Golf/R32 IV 98-04 Xtreme White Plus 9006 51w=115w Low Beam 19616
Volkswagen GTI/Golf/R32 IV 98-04 Xtreme White Plus H7 55w=110w Low Beam 17655
Volkswagen GTI/Golf/R32 IV 98-04 Star White H7 50w=100w Low Beam 13927
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Halogen Bulbs