OEM Painted Reflectors for 2007-2012 BMW M3 [E90/E92/E93]

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E92 BMW OEM Painted Front Reflectors Installed
  • Removes the ugly look of the stock amber reflector for a subtle cap enhancing vehicle lines.
  • Looks great on vehicles with shaved or de-badgeing themes.


  • Subtle, but HUGE Difference

  • Eliminated Nasty Orange Reflectors

  • OEM Painted Reflectors = Perfect Fitment

  • Certified BMW Painter

  • Highest Quality and fitment
  • Wont Break or Fall like Cheap Clear Reflectors

  • Perfect Color Match


  • 2008-2012 E90/E92/E93 M3


Are you looking to get rid of those nasty orange reflectors that came on your M3? Get an even cleaner look than the clear reflectors and avoid all hassle by ordering these IND pre-painted BMW reflectors. IND body colored reflectors are actually the same original BMW reflectors that currently sit in your cars bumper, but are painted the exact color of your BMW by a certified professional refinisher, so that they blend in perfectly with your bumper.

These Body Colored Reflectors no longer act as a reflector once painted. No orange or red will be visible when installed. By replacing your reflectors with our body-colored version you are removing all reflective qualities from the area that this product is being installed.

Macro Detail BMW E92 M3 Painted Front Reflector Installed
Painted Front Reflector Alpine White

Painted Front Reflector Silverstone Silver

Painted Front Reflector Jet Black

Painted Front Reflector Melbourne Red

How to Find Your Paint Code
If you open the hood you will find that on one of the shock towers, probably passenger side, there will be a black label, on this label will be the color name written in German along with the paint code number at the bottom. Only the numbers before the / are required. This is your paint code.

For Carbon Fiber Options Click Below

Carbon Fiber Front Reflectors Carbon Fiber Front Reflectors Carbon Fiber Front Reflectors
This easy installation is a Do-It-Yourself project that will take only a couple minutes. No tools are required to pop out your old reflectors and pop these new ones in. These are full replacements so whenever you want to switch back for any need, you can do so just as easily as when you changed these out in the first place.
E92 BMW Front Reflectors Alpine White


E92 BMW Front Reflectors Jet Black


Please contact us if you have questions about the OEM Painted Reflectors for 2006-2012 BMW M3 [E90/E92/E93]
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