MOMO RF-20 Wheels for All Makes & Models - 18/19 inch

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MOMO RF-20 Wheels for Aggressive Mesh spoke


  • Set your vehicle apart with MOMO's most aggressive and unique wheel design.
  • Engineered for stength and beauty, this unique mesh spoke design is Classy and Aggressive.
  • 9 wheel finishes means you can get a custom tailored look that is very high end and exclusive.
  • The deep concave design is sure to turn heads and give your ride that extra aggressive look and feel!


  • Custom Built to your Specifications
  • Available in any bolt pattern
  • 1-Piece monoblock construction
  • Rotary Forged (flow formed)
  • Available in 18x8.5-12.0 & 19x8.5-12.0
  • 9 colors / finishes


MOMO RF-20 Concave Options

Semi Concave - Available Sizes

18x8.5 - offset range (+6 to +49)

18x9.0 - offset range (+12 to +56)

18x9.5 - offset range (+18 to +62)

19x8.5 - offset range (+10 to +54)

19x9.0 - offset range (+17 to +60)

Deep Concave - Available Sizes

18x10.0 - offset range (+7 to +50)

18x11.0 - offset range (+20 to +62)

18x12.0 - offset range (+32 to +76)

19x9.5 - offset range (+0 to +43)

19x10.0 - offset range (+6 to +49)

19x11.0 - offset range (+19 to +62)

19x12.0 - offset range (+32 to +75)

MOMO has been a major player in the Automotive Industry for decades. All of their products are high quality; these wheels are no exception. This design is is both classy and exotic. The details and feel of this split 10 spoke design really adds to the style and flair of these wheels. It is the perfect wheel to compliment any build and will definitely set your car apart!

The rotary forged (flow formed) construction provides strength and weight savings making the RF-20 a true performance wheel. The spoke design and drop center were engineered to accommodate large brake calipers and rotors (factory or aftermarket) without sacrificing style or functionality. So if you're looking for a unique and classy look with modern construction techniques (that is also easy on the wallet) these MOMO wheels are for you!

Please contact us if you have questions about the MOMO RF-20 Wheels for your vehicle

(714) 582-3330

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