ModBargains Silverlight Clear Turn Signal/Sidemarker Bulbs

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Tired of your stock, ugly amber bulbs in your turn signals, and sidemarkers? Change them to Silverlights to give your car a cleaner appearance, and get rid of the ugly amber colored bulbs. Silverlights are specifically designed for those that have clear/lightly smoked lenses on their car. Unlike the stock amber bulbs which appear orange and blink orange, Silverlights appear silver, and are nearly invisible when off. Don't settle for cheap imitations, Silverlights are designed to last hundreds of hours, without discoloring or burning out. When illuminated the bulbs are amber, and appear completely stock. Give your Mini Cooper a cleaner appearance with Silverlights.

Silverlights Benefits
  • Improved, cleaner appearance
  • Nearly invisible
  • Flawless design and finish
  • OEM quality bulbs
  • Designed to last hundreds of hours

*All bulbs are sold in pairs

What Sets Silverlights Apart?

Silverlights feature an electroplating process that gives the bulb a mirror-like finish on the outside, while still shining amber when lit. Unlike other bulbs Silverlights are not simply painted over with silver paint. The electroplating coating is the perfect thickness, still illuminating the same as a stock bulb yet thick enough where the orange bulb itself cannot be seen.

Dual vs. Single Filament

Dual - A dual filament bulb will stay illuminated as well as blink when the turn signal is activated.

Single - A single filament bulb simply stays on completely and doesn't blink, or only blinks when the turn signal is activated.

*Front and rear turn signal bulbs can either be 150º or 180º. Please check your vehicle to ensure you order the correct bulbs. Sidemarker bulbs are always the same so there is no need to check.

*If you order the wrong offset bulb you can simply file down one of the pins and the light will still work.

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