Milltek Cat-Back Exhaust for 2016+ B9 Audi A4 2.0T - SSXAU6xx

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Milltek Cat-Back Exhaust Audi B9 A4 2.0T 2016+ Burnt Tips
  • Deep growl under acceleration to give your A4 a sound that will turn heads
  • Increased power and acceleration will give you the edge over stock A4s
  • Various exhaust tip options let you customize the look of your car and make it uniquely eye-catching


  • Full T304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Mandrel bent tubing for smooth airflow
  • Multiple tip color and shape options
  • Choose from resonated, half-resonated, or non-resonated


  • 2016+ Audi A4 2.0T [B9]


Give your A4 the look, sound, and performance it longs for with the Milltek Cat-Back exhaust. This exhaust not only enhances the look and sound of your car, it will give you added performance thanks to the increased flow over the stock exhaust system. No matter what look you're going for you can find an exhaust tip option that will work with your build. You also have a few choices when it comes to exhaust tone. If you want a deeper louder sound you can go with the non-resonated version, or for a more reserved tone you can get the resonated version. If either is too extreme for you they also offer a half-resonated version so it's not too loud but not too quiet. Whichever you choose you are getting a high quality exhaust that will sound great and look fantastic.

Milltek Cat-Back Exhaust Audi B9 A4 2.0T 2016+ Titanium Tips


Tip and Resonator Options

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