KONI STR.T Front+Rear Shocks/Struts for 1999-2006 BMW 3-Series [E46]

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$45.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Are you looking to upgrade your suspension setup without leaving you with an empty wallet?  KONI is the first to answer this problem, and is proud to introduce a NEW line of entry level performance shock absorbers called STR.T or otherwise called Street!  Street shocks are perfect for improving your handling without changing the entire feel of your car, or just as a replacement to your old worn out OEM Shocks.  KONI Street is an affordable solution that will exceed your expectations.  Not only is KONI Street Shocks suitable for stock suspensions, but will also compliment other aftermarket suspension upgrades such as lowering springs or sway bars.  These KONI Shocks are not only an affordable replacement; combined with KONI sport springs, they are comparable to a full coil over setup at a fraction of the cost.  However KONI STR.T shocks are Non adjustable, they are perfectly tuned from the factory, which takes the headache out of spending hours tuning them yourself. 

KONI STR.T Shock Absorber

KONI STR.T Shock Absorber w/ Koni Sport Spring

KONI Street is backed by a limited lifetime warranty so that you can feel confident that these shocks will never let you down.  so whether it is the additional stability in a hairpin turn or a compliment to those lowering springs that you desire, KONI STR.T is the answer!!!

NOTE: Sport Springs are NOT included.

Customer Reviews
$425 was perfect for me AND they came with a lifetime warranty. If one busts, I ship it back and get a new one. It just seemed logical to me... so I bought them. ModBargains.com called me up the next day and wanted to verify what kind of car they were going on to ensure I didn't receive the wrong product. In less than a week, they were sitting at my door. I anxiously tore the boxes open (figuratively speaking) and began to admire these orange pistons.

The shocks and struts were exactly as advertised. They came with all necessary hardware and were packaged up simply enough. After getting them installed (along with new adjustable sway links), I had to flog it around some. While leaving my good friend smolck's house, I hammered some corners that say 15 MPH is the recommended speed. Not today! I think I railed through them at nearly 40 MPH. My car felt more solid than it ever has. Body roll was next to nothing and I nearly went flying into my door panel from the amount of lateral force being applied to my body. Bumps felt a little harsh, but it was expected. They are NOT stiff enough to jar the fillings out of your teeth, but they are stiffer than OEM Sach's shocks and struts.

If you're looking to an alternative to OEM shocks but don't want to spend gobs of money on something that does the exact same thing, look into the Koni STR.T's. They are VERY affordable at $425, give the car a more solid feel, and they come with a lifetime warranty. They also look pretty good through the wheel behind the brake rotor... they match the orange color of the bulb in my corner lights while lit.
- SPDSKTR@Bimmerfest.com

  • Entry level performance shock absorber
  • Compliments lower springs
  • Perfect for OE replacement or vehicle improvement
  • Non-adjustable
  • Lifetime Warranty
Vehicle Year Front Rear
BMW 3 Series - all models excluding AWD and M3 99-05 8750 1029L
8750 1029R
8050 1051
BMW 323i/328i (E46) 99-00 8750 1029L
8750 1029R
8050 1051
BMW 325i/330i (E46) 01-05 8750 1029L
8750 1029R
8050 1051

Built for a Lifetime
Last but not least, KONl''s are built to last a lifetime. Once you have bought a set of KONl''s for your car, they usually will outlive it. KONI street shocks carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser for as long as you own the vehicle.

Quality and safety of your suspension system is crucial!  That is why KONI spends years in product development and testing to make sure their products are not only safe but will perform flawlessly.  No other manufacturer spends as much time making sure their shocks are perfectly tuned to each individual car as KONI does. They guarantee that the shocks you get will last and outperform your stock setup and all other shocks out on the market.

Why Should I Choose KONI Shocks?
KONI has been in business for 150 years, involved in automobile dampers since 1932 and has produced adjustable telescopic dampers since 1945. In addition, though known best for cars, KONI also builds shocks for trucks, buses, RVs and railway rolling stock as well. What this adds up to is well-earned design and manufacturing experience.

As the maker of the industry's very first adjustable shock absorber, electronic drag racing shocks and today's patented FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) street shocks, KONI has long demonstrated that product improvement means product innovation.

As a niche maker of high-performance shocks, KONI is small enough to interact with its customers on a regular basis, even having a Tech Line staffed every working day with KONI technicians, many of whom are car enthusiasts just like you. What this means is that you receive the personal attention missing in most product businesses today.
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