Koni FSD Shocks for 2006-2008 BMW 3-Series [E90/E91/E92]

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Would you like to take your cruising to a new level? Original equipment on Lamborghini Gallardos  KONI FSD (frequency selective dampers) are a must for fine tuning your BMW's ride, and handling capability. KONI FSD adjusts damping automatically, so there is no need to manually adjust the shock absorber. These shocks replace OEM shocks and actively controls stiffness, and dramatically improves handling. KONI revolutionized shocks, with the first ever adjustable shock. It comes as no surprise that KONI remains the market leader in shock absorbers.


- Dramatic handling improvements
- Improved ride quality
- Active shock absorber
- External rebound adjustment
- No electronics, or sensors needed
- Improved traction
- Gold exterior finish
- Lifetime Warranty
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""I am convinced that they help lift the Gallardo's ride / handling to a new level.""  - The very words of Mr. Ceccarani, Technical Director of Lamborghini, describing the effect of the FSD technology, being original equipment on all Lamborghini Gallardos

3 Series E90/E92 Sedan/Coupe 325i, 328i, 330i, 335i excl. Xi-Models



KONI has been in business for 150 years, involved in automobile dampers since 1932 and has produced adjustable telescopic dampers since 1945. In addition, though known best for cars, KONI also builds shocks for trucks, buses, RVs and railway rolling stocks as well. What this adds up to is well-earned design and manufacturing experience.

As the maker of the industry's very first adjustable shock absorber, electronic drag racing shocks and today's patented FSD street shocks, KONI has demonstrated that product improvement means product innovation.

As a niche maker of high-performance shocks, KONI is small enough to interact with its customers on a regular basis, even having a Tech line staffed every working day with KONI technicians, many of whom are car enthusiasts just like you. What this means is that you receive the personal attention missing in most product businesses today.


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