ISC Suspension - Coilovers for the 2015+ Ford Mustang F026

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ISC Suspension Coilover Kit for

ISC Suspension Coilover Kit for the 2015+ Ford Mustang


Just released from ISC Suspension North America is the fully adjustable, mono-tube designed coilover suspension kit for the 2015+ Ford Mustang. Lowering the car is a must for all car-enthusiasts whether it be for drag, drift, track, show, or even for your daily driver. The 2015+ Ford Mustang is definitely a pretty car and absolutely deserves to be rid of the stock wheel gap. With the ISC Suspension Coilovers, dialing in the proper stance for racing or for driving to the grocery store is a breeze! Grab people's attention and turn all the heads with a lowered Mustang today!



32 Way Adjustable Dampening Independent Pre-Load and Ride Height                       
Single Cylinder Mono-Tube Design                              3 Valving Options Utilizing 3 Different Shim Stacks
Front Camber Plates Piston Rod Design                                                          
Thrust Bearings                                                              Aluminum Bottom Brackets
ISC Sport Springs (5% stiffer than stock) ISO 9001:2000R Certified                                             
Swift Springs are an available option for alternate      5 Year Warranty
1"" - 3"" Drop both Front & Rear Longer Shaft Accommodations Upon Request             



With a mild drop, the Ford Mustang will look much more aggressive! For some reason, a simple drop changes the entire attitude of the car and just makes you want to keep looking back at it as you walk away...





Can't stop staring, huh? Now, stop daydreaming about lowering car and lower your car already!


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