IPD Intake Y-Pipe Porsche 997.1 Turbo

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  • Satisfaction Money back guarantee
  • Direct bolt on without any modifications
  • Larger diameter Y-Pipe over stock
  • Flows 126 more cfm than the factory Y-Pipe
  • Gain more HP and TQ


  • Porsche 997.1 911 Turbo IPD Plenum (97500)


This IPD Y-Pipe for the Porsche 997 turbo was designed for the more demanding turbo customers. This IPD Y-Pipe is not just a replica of the factory Y-Pipe, but rather IPD completely redesigned it from scratch; allowing for better air flow and a larger air capacity. This IPD Y-Pipe is perfect for any 997 turbo, from stock to highly modded this Y-Pipe will allow your Porsche 997 turbo to get closer to its full potential.

The stock Y-Pipe comes very restrictive, IPD realized this and fixed the problem. IPD definitely did their R&D with this product. They designed this IPD Y-Pipe to have a larger diameter for better flow efficiency and flows 126 more cfm than the factory Y-Pipe. IPD also realized that by making the Y-Pipe too large, you can cause a loss in boost response.

The IPD 997 Turbo Y Pipe is made to be a direct bolt on, without any modifications required. This IPD Y-Pipe is an easy and straight forward remove and reinstall bolt on upgrade.

Gain 15-20 horsepower instantly!

As you can see the area between the merge collector and the throttle body is smoother, creating improved air flow going into the throttle body. The IPD Y-Pipe is 7mm larger then stock, allowing greater air volume to pass through but also without sacrificing boost pressure.


If you have any further questions about these IPD Y-Pipes please give us a call at 714-582-3330


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