HRE FF04 Flow Form Wheels for Audi in Liquid Metal

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HRE FF04 liquid metal silver gun metal Audi
  • Killer looks with a beautiful Liquid Metal finish
  • Grip the road and pass cars on the outside lane with the added traction of extra wide wheels
  • Sets your vehicle apart from other boring Audis with an eye catching aggressive split-5 spoke design
  • Don't get left in the dust & be faster off the line thanks to reduced un-sprung weight on your chassis
  • Draw attention to the curves of your Audi with the FF04 Deep Concave Design.


  • High Strength FlowForm Construction
  • Durability of a Forged Wheel
  • Lightweight and Excellent Value
  • TPMS Compatible
  • Durable powder coated Finish


  • 2013+ A3/S3/RS3 [8V]

  • 2003-2012 A3/S3 [8P]

  • 2009+ A4/S4 [B8/B8.5]

  • 2004-2008 A4 [B7]

  • 2008+ A5/S5/RS5 [B8/B8.5]

  • 2012+ A6/S6 [C7]


  • 2006-2011 A6/S6 [C6]

  • 2011+ A7/S7/RS7 [C7]

  • 2007-2015 R8

  • 2007-2017 TT/TTS/TTRS [8J]

  • 2009+ Q3/RSQ3

  • 2009+ Q5/SQ5


The HRE FF04 is the latest wheel to hit the Flow Form lineup and it looks amazing! The classic split 5 spoke design offers an aggressive and bold look that fits your Audi perfectly. The wide opening show off the brakes beautifully while still giving you the concave look you want!

HRE Wheels has been known for decades as being one of the finest wheel manufacturers and the go-to choice for racing teams around the world. The HRE Flow-Form wheels offer strength properties similar to Forged wheels at a lower price point, while still maintaining the highest standards of HRE Performance Wheels.

audi c7 s5 a5 sportback hre ff04 liquid silver gun metal 5 spoke split 5 spoke

Audi HRE FF04 Wheel Fitment Guide

Fitment / Front Size / Rear Size / Bolt Pattern /  Notes

A3/S3/RS3 2013+ [8V] 19x8.5 +47 19x8.5 +47 5x112 *RS3 3mm Spacer (F)
A3/S3 2003-2012 [8P] 19x8.5 +47 19x8.5 +47 5x112  
A4/S4 2009+ [B8/B8.5] 19x9 +35 19x9 +35 5x112  
A4/S4 2009+ [B8/B8.5] 19x9.5 +45 19x9.5 +45 5x112  
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What are HRE Flow Form Wheels?

HRE Performance Wheels' all new line of FlowForm wheels combines the strength and durability of a forged wheel,

at a price point that is near standard OEM cast wheels.


The process begins with a pressure-cast perform, where it is then rapidly cooled. This quick cooling of the metal right after heating (sometimes referred to as quenching) enhances the elastic strength and durability by increasing the metals density


The strengthened pre-form (Fig A), is then pulled from the mold and placed into the flow-forming machine, (Fig B) which operates in a manner similar to a potters' wheel. This process stretches the barrel downward, causing the metal to ""flow"" into the correct ""form"", hence the name, and this process ultimately gives the wheel its final shape (Fig C).


This ""stretching"" process changes the internal grain structure of the aluminum (much like the direction of the grain makes a difference in wood), making it stronger, lighter and more precise than a non-flow-formed barrel, resulting in forged aluminum-like strength.



HRE FF04 C7 Audi A5/S5 Gallery!!!


Gloss Color Options Gallery 1

Gloss Color Options Gallery 2

Matte Color Options Gallery 1

Please contact us if you have questions about the Flow Form FF04 Wheels for your Audi.
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