Hotchkis TVS Stage II Track Pack 2010-11 Chevy Camaro

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Increase handling and eliminate body roll in any driving situation with the new Hotchkis TVS Stage II Track Pack for 2010-12 Camaro!

The TVS Stage II Track Pack for the Gen 5 Camaro SS offers a lowered stance, dramatically improved handling and superior car control. Hotchkis engineers poured over track testing data and telemetry to develop a balanced handling system, comfortable enough for the street but well balanced enough for the occasional track day or a trip down your favorite twisty road. The drop in ride height lowers the center of gravity, the sway bars change the handling dynamics of your Camaro and the chassis brace helps eliminate wheel hop and subframe flex for enhanced handling. To keep everything tight and eliminate unwanted travel, the sway bars include greaseable polyurethane bushings and mounts.

The system includes Hotchkis Sport Springs, Hotchkis front and rear lightweight adjustable sway bars and a unique aluminum chassis brace manufactured out of elliptical aluminum tubing for superior strength and ground clearance. The system allows for suspension tuning for optimum track or street performance. Bolt-in installation requires no vehicle modification. Contains all necessary bushings and mounting hardware.

Kit Contents
  • Hotchkis Sport Lowering Springs
  • Tubular Front & Rear Adjustable Sway Bars
  • Lightweight Aluminum Chassis Brace
  • Greaseable Polyurethane Bushings & Mounts
  • Performance Tuned Handling
  • 1"" Drop In Ride Height
  • Reduced Body Roll
  • Flatter cornering
  • Dramatically improved handling
  • Chassis Brace Reduces Wheel hop & Subframe Flex
  • Reinforced TIG welded clear zinc plated brackets
  • Durable, gloss black powder coat finish
  • Direct bolt-on installation
Hotchkis Anti-Roll Sway Bar Kit for VW Gold R @

Sway Bar Specifications

Front 32mm (1.25"") Rear 32mm (1.25"") Tubular 3-Way Adjustable
  • 45% stiffer than stock 1LE
  • 100% stiffer than stock ZL1
  • 135% stiffer than stock SS
  • 10%, 25%, 45% stiffer than stock 1LE
  • 10%, 25%, 45% stiffer than stock ZL1
  • 75%, 100%, 125% stiffer than Stock SS


Make/Model Year     Part Number
Chevy Camaro (Gen. 5) 2010-11     80116


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