HEX Tuning OBD2 Flash Tune for BMW M3/M4 F8X

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HEX Tuning By VFE Reflash ECU Software for BMW M3/M4 F8X [VFE1]
  • Activates your M's Hidden GTS Potential!
  • Noticeable increase in vehicle get-up-and-go with quicker acceleration feel
  • Fully compatible with older piggy-back-tunes for those who just want the GTS Feature Set


  • GTS Style ""burble"" on Exhaust over run

  • Up to 30whp and 35wtq gains over stock F8X power.

  • Aggressive new start-up ""Roar""


  • 2014+ BMW M3 F80

  • 2014+ BMW M4 F82


The HEX Tuning Flash Tuner by VFE unlocks all the missing GTS Features your BMW M3/M4 should have come with from the factory. We offer this tune in 3 different levels.

Base level leaves your engines power output the same while adding GTS sound features on top. This is ideal for customers who already have a Competition Pack or CS trim level M3/M4, or those running a piggyback tune and are looking for that GTS exhaust burble effect.

For those with Standard M3's and M4's, HEX Tuning offers a ZCP or CS level power boost providing you with up to an additional 30whp and 35wtq.

BMW HEX Flash Downloads Here

GTS Feature Set Includes:

  • Top-Speed Limiter (set to 192mph)
  • GTS Sport Display Power Level
  • GTS Start-up Sequence ""Roar""
  • GTS Throttle Overrun Exhaust Burble
    -Controlled by Driving Mode-
    COMFORT No Burble
    SPORT Soft Burble
    SPORT+ Loud Burble

With GTS Sport Display


Please contact us if you have questions about HEX Tuning's F8X M3/M4 Flash Tune with GTS Feature Set [VFE1]
(714) 582-3330
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