H&R Sport Springs for 1992-98 BMW 3-Series + M3 [E36]

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H&R Sport Springs
The H&R Sport Springs provide a slightly more aggressive and raked stance than your stock suspension while still maintaining a comfortable ride. These springs will also fit your stock shocks and are a great and affordable way to lower your BMW. They are also the most popular spring in H&R's line-up, Sport Springs will lower your vehicle an average of 1.5 - 2 inches (depending upon the make and model of your vehicle) for a lower center of gravity and improve handling. Sport springs feature more control than that of the OE Sport spring, but is still comfortable for daily use. Sport springs are an excellent choice for street and occasional track use.

About Lowering Springs
Aftermarket springs, such as H&R Sport Springs, are commonly used to lower the ride height and to reduce body roll. This is also often done when upgrading to a larger wheel and tire package. Generally speaking, the stiffer the spring rates (the amount of resistance a spring is set for against compression), the softer the sway bar setting can be set in order to achieve a similarly flat cornering response.

When trying to decide which lowering springs are right for you, your goal should not be to drop down the car as far as possible. In many cases, overly ""slammed"" cars may actually be illegal for road use and terrible performers. The ideal range of adjustment should be 0.5 to 2 inches using traditional lowering springs. Any lower, the height of the perch should be adjusted by using a ride-height adjustable coilover suspension.

Vehicle Model Chassis / Drivetrain Notes Approx. Front Lowering Approx. Rear Lowering Part Number
318i, 318is E36 not cabrio 1.5 1.0 29825
325i, 325is, 328i, 328is E36 not cabrio 1.5 1.0 29824-2
318i Cabrio E36 Cabrio n/a 1.5 1.0 29929-2
325i Cabrio, 328i Cabrio E36 Cabrio n/a 1.5 1.0 29929-1
318ti E36 Compact n/a 1.4 1.0 29970
M3 E36 3.0L not cabrio 1.4 1.0 29910
M3 E36 3.2L not cabrio 1.2 1.0 29910-2

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