GMG Racing Front & Rear Sway Bars for 2005-08 Porsche 911 [997.1]

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GMG is proud to introduce its ""World Challenge"" Sport Lowering spring sets for Porsche 997TT. Designed, tested and developed with Eibach, the GMG WC Sport Lowering Spring sets are manufacteredc to GMG's exact specifications. Unlike most tuners who simply take an off the shelf lowering spring and rebrand it with their name, GMG developed a completely new design that would not only improve the handling of the 997TT but would also improve the comfort and ride quality, while maintaining maximum control and remaining fully compatible with the Porsche Active Stability Management (PASM) dampers. Most importantly the 997.1 GMG Racing Front & Rear Sway Bars are designed to work with your stock shocks - a direct replacement for your current suspension springs.

GMG Racing Front & Rear Sway Bars for 2005-08 Porsche 911 [997.1] at

By replacing your stock suspension with the 997.1 GMG Racing Front & Rear Sway Bars you can expect a 1"" lower stance in both the front and rear.. Successfully lower your 3 series with a proven GMG Racing suspension, the 997.1 GMG Racing Front & Rear Sway Bars.

997.1 GMG Racing Front & Rear Sway Bars Features

  • Compatible with OEM shocks
  • Improved Handling for your 997.1
  • High Tensile Steel Construction
  • Renowned GMG Racing high quality construction
  • ISO9001 & TUV approved
  • Compatible with Porsche Active Stability Management (PASM) dampers
  • Improved handling

About Front & Rear Sway Bars

GMG Racing Front + Rear Sway Bars for Porsche

GMG has worked with Eibach the world leader in spring and sway bar development design and manufacturing to develop the GMG World Challenge sport sway bar kit for the 997TT. A GMG exclusive design which features sway bars that are 3 way adjustable front and 3 way adjustable rear.
The rear sport sway bars offers a torsional stiffness increase of 30,45 and 60% while the front front sway bar offers an increase of 15/25 and 35% over the factory bar. All sway bar kits feature urethane bushings and offer the highest torsional stiffness on the market today. Thousands of road miles, countless laps at the track have yielded a sway bar package that minimizes the under steer that these cars exhibit when being driven hard and offers the driver neutral handling while minimizing body roll.

The GMG WC Sport Sway bar kit is designed to work with the factory drop links and does not require the use of a rod end style drop link to clear the front axles which ensures that you dont have unwanted noise and popping due to the use of in-expensive rod ends used by most competitors. The highest quality materials and most stringent manufacturing process have been utilized in the manufacturing of our sway bar kits. Dont be fooled by other companies offering no name brand products which are made with inferior materials and cost less. Demand the best when it comes to your suspension for Porsche.


Vehicle Model Years Front Sway Bar Rear Sway Bar Part No.
Porsche 911 997.1 2005-08 30, 45 & 60% Stiffer than OE 15, 20 & 35% Stiffer than OE GMG.997.1T.SWAY

GMG Racing Front & Rear Sway Bars for 2005-10 Porsche 911 [997.1] at

GMG Racing Front & Rear Sway Bars for 2005-10 Porsche 911 [997.1] at

Installation for the 997.1 GMG Racing Front & Rear Sway Bars is classified as moderate hard. You will need standard tools to disassemble your suspension, in addition to a spring compressor. Professional installation is highly recommended for this product.


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