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Forgestar CF5 Wheels for Lamborghini 18"/19"/20" (Bespoke)

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We Price Match!

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We'll match or beat any competitor's price!

Some restrictions and exclusions apply.

Please see our full Price Match Policy for details.

$99.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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The Forgestar CF5 Wheels are the perfect compliment to your Lamborghini. Your Lamborghini deserves perfect wheels that fit correctly and look exactly the way you want. The Forgestar CF5 Wheels are custom-made, so you have the ability to choose any wheel size, offset, and finish for the perfect fit and looks.

Forgestar uses their Flow Forming Process to make the CF5 Wheels 15% lighter than similar, low-quality cast wheels. Forgestar's Flow Forming Process also gives the CF5 Wheels the same strength as forged wheels at a lower cost.

Have any questions about the Forgestar CF5 Wheels for your Lamborghini? Call one of our wheel experts for assistance at (714) 582-3330.

Note: Cone seat lug nuts are required for the Forgestar CF5 Wheel to sit properly on the hub. We can provide the lug nuts for you if choose the Cone Seat Lug Nuts option above.

Our price above is for a set of 4 Forgestar CF5 Wheels.

Forgestar CF5 Wheels for Lamborghini Features:

  • Virtually any wheel size, offset, and finish available
  • Same strength as a fully forged set of wheels
  • 15% lighter than similarly cast wheels
  • Fully compatible with TPMS
  • Forgestar Center caps included
  • Fits on any Lamborghini

What size and offset Forgestar CF5's look best on your Lamborghini? Call us at 714-582-3330

Custom Forgestar CF5 Wheel Finishes Available for Your Lamborghini
Forgestar CF5 wheels are powercoated for greater durability and ease of maintenance.
If you want a custom pinstripe, please call us to place your order at (714) 582-3330.
Available powdercoat finishes:

  • Gloss Black
  • Matte Black
  • Textured Black
  • Silver
  • Gunmetal
  • Textured Gunmetal
  • Frost White
  • Race Gold
  • Premium custom powdercoat finishes are also available (See below)
  • Semi Gloss Black
  • Brushed Black
  • Brushed Charcoal
  • Brushed Titanium
  • Carbon Overlay - 100% real carbon fiber overlay
  • Karbon Overlay- carbon fiber look overlay

Available Offsets and Sizes

18"" 19"" 20""
18x8.5 ET10 - ET50 19x8.5 ET10 - ET50 20x8.5 ET10 - ET50
18x9.0 ET15 - ET55 19x9.0 ET16 - ET44 20x9.0 ET16 - ET56
18x9.5 ET22 - ET62 19x9.5 ET10 - ET50 20x9.5 ET2 - ET42
18x10 ET10 - ET50 19x10 ET16 - ET56 20x10 ET29 - ET69
18x11 ET23 - ET63 19x11 ET26 - ET69 20x10.5 ET15 - ET55
18x12 ET36 - ET75 19x12 ET42 - ET82 20x11 ET42 - ET82
    20x12 ET34 - ET74

The Forgestar Flow Forming Process

  • Wheels are made with heat and pressure for wheels that are as strong as forged wheels
  • Wheel strength measured at 1520 lbs per wheel while a cast wheel measures 1000-1200 lbs per wheel
  • Flow forming process keeps wheels cheaper than a fully forged set
  • Same process used on BBS Wheels

Why Choose Forgestar Wheels for your Lamborghini?
For the perfect wheel fitment and looks on your Lamborghini, look no further than a set of Forgestar wheels. You are guaranteed a perfect fitment with the Forgestar CF5 Wheels since you are able to choose the wheel size and offset to fit your Lamborghini. If you want to run a wide wheel setup, just make sure to select the right offset that will work for your car. No matter what other aftermarket modifications you have made to your Lamborghini, the customizability of the Forgestar CF5 will give you perfect fitment without the need of using spacers.

Since your Lamborghini is a super-high performance car, you will be happy to hear that the Forgestar CF5 wheels are lightweight and improve your Lamborghini's acceleration, braking, and handling. Compared to lower-quality cast wheels, the Forgestar CF5 Wheels are 15% lighter, weighing in at 19.95 lbs per wheel versus the 26lbs for a similarly cast wheel.

For help ordering a set of Forgestar CF5 Wheels for your Lamborghini, call or Email us today!

If you are in Southern California, local pickup is available. Please Email a sales representative to schedule an appointment.
Otherwise, shipping is a flat $99 to the US. International shipping quotes are available via email.


Forgestar CF5 Wheels for Lamborghini Gallery:

Lamborghini Gallardo with 19"" Forgestar CF5 Wheels in Textured Gunmetal:


Forgestar CF5 Wheels Finishes:

Forgestar CF5 Gunmetal Finish:

Forgestar CF5 Sapphire Blue Finish (Custom):

Forgestar CF5 Sunset Orange Finish (Custom):

Forgestar CF5 Carbon Overlay (Custom):

Forgestar CF5 Takata Green Finish (Custom):

Semi Gloss Black:

Brushed Black:


Brushed Charcoal:

Mod Category: