Fabspeed Clubsport Intercoolers for 1998-2005 Porsche 911 Turbo [996] 996TT/X50/GT2

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$45.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
The stock intercooler on your Porsche 996TT/X50/GT2 is far too small and inefficient to effectively cool your twin turbo engine.  Fabspeed has designed these intercoolers to have a larger surface area and larger inlets/outlets, for maximum cooling abilities.  This means the engine will be able to run at a cooler temperature even when pushing your engine to the limits.  It is great for tracking your Porsche 996TT or even if you live in a hot area.

This Fabspeed Porsche 996TT Intercooler in constructed out of 3-D CAD design cast aluminum with CNC machined end tanks, giving your 996TT maximum airflow and efficiency.  With 25% larger cores, 36-49% higher flow rate, and inlet end tank has approximately 200% more volume, and outlet end tank has approximately 60% more volume there is no doubt this intercooler will out perform whatever your 996TT engine can put out.

  • Fits all 996TT/X50/GT2 Vehicles 1998-2005.
  • 33% larger core than the OEM GT2 intercooler core.
  • Flows 36-49% more air than OEM 996TT/GT2 intercoolers.
  • Direct replacement for the OEM intercoolers.
  • Extremely efficient closely stacked bar and plate type core design.
  • Reduced pressure drop while maximizing heat dissipation.
  • 3-D CAD designed cast aluminun/CNC machined end tanks offer a perfect OEM fit while maximizing flow and efficiency.
  • Inlet end tank has approximately 200% more volume. Outlet end tank has approximately 60% more volume.


  • Fits all 996TT/X50/GT2 Vehicles 1998-2005.

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