ESS Tuning 28i Spec E-Tronic Tuner for 2012+ BMW 320i/328i/428i/528i/Z4/X3 [F30/F32/F10/E89]

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Do you want to boost your power with one simple plug in modification?  Then you have found the product for you!  This ESS E-Flash Tuner for the BMW N20 engine (for 228i, 320i/328i, 428i, 528i, X3 2.8i and Z4 2.8i gives you unheard of power gains that you have to feel for yourself to believe. No other flash tuner will give you these kind of instant results. This tuner only takes minutes to install, and once it is you feel instant power gains, no having to wait for your engine to adjust. The Main benefits are increased power, rev limiter delete and most importantly CEL fix for cat delete applications.

Before the release of ESS Tuning's newest E90/E92 M3 E-Flash Tuner, they spent countless hours extensively testing and calibrating every aspect of this tuner to get you more power then any other tuner on the market.  At ESS Tuning, they take performance seriously, and take testing to a new extreme by testing this ESS E-Flash in extreme conditions and under massive strain to make sure the engine still performs with the added power.  So no matter how hard you drive, if your a daily driver or looking to track your E90/E92 M3, this flash tuner will perform!

The ESS E-tronic tuner offers a safe, simple to add power to the already potent 128i/228i/328i/428i/528i/X3 2.8i and Z4 2.8i. Unlike other external controller products on the market E-tronic is a sophisticated multi channel controller that has RPM intergration.

This provides for full control of boost at all RPM ranges and proper calibrations without the need to splice into any factory wiring. OEM grade hardware is used to provide high quality, safe, reliable power with excellent driveablility. Pre-set calibrations provide for a very simple installation without the need for setup or adjustments once installed. E-Tronic can be disabled or removed at anytime allowing customers to keep factory warranty.

If you are looking to get monster horsepower gains out of your BMW N20 this ESS E-Flash Tuner is for you!!!

Note: Once you pair your ESS Tuning E-Flash unit to your car, the tuner is permanently programmed to your BMW.

If you have any question about this ESS E-Flash Tuner please give our specialists a call at (714) 582-3330


  • 2013+ BMW 328i [F30]
  • 2013+ BMW 320i [F30]
  • 2014+ BMW 428i [F32]
  • 2014+ BMW 228i [F22]
  • 2013+ BMW 528i [F10]
  • 2014+ BMW Z4 S-Drive 28i [E89]
  • 2014+ BMW X3 2.8i

ESS Tuning E-Flash N20 Benefits

  • Power increase to 275HP / 295 LB/FT Torque!
  • CEL Fix for Cat-Delete Applications
  • Increases throttle response
  • Instant gains across the board
  • DirectFlash - only takes minutes to install and uninstall

Upon arrival of the ESS E-Flash hardware and software, select from the above list of optional features as well as specify all modifications to your car. Your car-specific program will be emailed to you directly from ESS.

This software enables you to quickly change between stock and tuned programs, such as custom files, street/race fuel files, and updates. You can also read and clear all OBD codes yourself. The ESS E-Flash system can also be used to load software for ESS supercharger systems should you ever decide to upgrade to one of these in the future.

Custom tuning available on an hourly basis, files can be loaded with DirectFlash unit through email.

Catless and high flow cat software is for off road use only.

If you have any question about this ESS E-Flash Tuner please give our specialists a call at (714) 582-3330

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