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Eisenmann Sport / Race Exhaust for 2004-10 BMW M5 [E60]

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WARNING: product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and/or reproductive harm.
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DISCLAIMER: Products that affect or remove vehicle emissions equipment (Intakes, Manifolds, Tuners, etc) that do not have a CARB EO number may not be available for sale in the state of California. Please contact us if you are unsure if a product is available for sale in California. ModBargains complies with all EPA and CARB regulations.


  • Replace restrictive factory muffler
  • Enlarge the rear-most pipes
  • Weight reduction from stock muffler
  • A better looking exhaust tip
  • Polished muffler
  • Beefy pipes
  • Throatier and louder sound to enhance your car overall


  • 2004-10 BMW M5 [E60]

BMW_E60_M5_Forgestar_F14_Valli_Khan (43)

Performance Levels
- Sport Performance - The basic exhaust level, improves performance and provides a louder tone.
- Racing Performance - A more serious option, provides higher performance, more weight savings, and a louder tone.
- Meisterschaft Sus - A higher option with more performance benefits and stainless steel build.

BMW_E60_M5_Forgestar_F14_Valli_Khan (38)

Are you looking to take your car to the next level? An exhaust is a great modification that will do just that by giving your car more aggressive exhaust tips, a deeper and meaner sound, and increase horsepower by improving your car's air intake system! Eisenmann Exhausts are customized to meet your individual preferences. Select from one of two performance levels. A higher performance level provides both an increase in horsepower and a louder, deeper sound. We also offer a variety of different tips to suit your personal style.

BMW_E60_M5_Forgestar_F14_Valli_Khan (12)

BMW_E60_M5_Forgestar_F14_Valli_Khan (40)

Available Tip Options

""Increase Your BMW's Performance...""

Type HP Gain Flow Restriction Sound Level Weight Reduction
Stock n/a 43% 2 n/a
Sport 4.1 - 4.7% 26.1 - 28.8 % 3.3 - 4.7 28 - 37%
Racing 6.1 - 6.4 % 20.2 - 25.5 % 5.1 - 8.9 35 - 70%
Average % HP gains as measured on BMW E36 M3s equipped with Eisenmann. Numbers may vary based on the make and model of your vehicle.

""Deeper, Louder, and More Aggressive...""

Type 30-40 MPH 40-50 MPH 50-60 MPH 60-70 MPH 70-100 MPH
Stock 73 dB 71 dB 77 dB 75 dB 78 dB
Sport 79 dB 76 dB 82 dB 80 dB 81 dB
Racing 85 dB 81 dB 88 dB 84 dB 86 dB
The previous are the results of a Decibel (sound level) test conducted in a BMW E36 M3 equipped with an Eisenmann Exhausts. Numbers may vary based on the make and model of your vehicle.

Reduce Backpressure
Eisenmann Exhausts reduce engine heat and backpressure and improve exhaust scavenging from the combustion chamber. They also minimize the power robbing effects of the OEM system to restore torque and horsepower to the engine.


Why is Backpressure Bad?
Problem 1:
Backpressure is a typical feature of an exhaust system. The backpressure on the exhaust flow can help to reduce sound, but at the same time, it limits engine power. This power reduction comes from an inefficient burn in the combustion chamber where spent exhaust gasses are backed-up into the combustion chamber and contaminate the next burn cycle.
Problem 2: A second problem associated with backpressure is heat build-up. This occurs in the OEM style chamber muffler. Hot exhaust gasses are forced through louvers and into dead-end chambers. The heat builds up in the muffler and then backs itself up through the entire exhaust system to the exhaust manifold and engine. This heat retention causes damage to the muffler as well as the catalytic converter, the system tubing, the manifold and gaskets. Even ignition wires can burn up due to an overheated, inefficient exhaust system.

How do Eisenmann Exhausts Solve the Problems of Backpressure?
Eisenmann reduces the backpressure while maintaining a rich powerful performance tone. Annoying exhaust frequencies are dampened with a dense wall of acoustical absorbing material. The straight-through design prevents excessive heat retention allowing the entire system to run cooler and last longer.

*Please Note - Previously, EisenHaus offered three different performance levels: Sport Performance, High Performance, and Race Performance. Recently, the performance levels were revised to include only two different performance levels: The current Sport Performance and Racing Performance. In this revision of performance levels, the previous Sport Performance was eliminated and the previous High Performance was re-named to Sport Performance. Therefore, if you were familiar with the previous High Performance version, it is now called the Sport Performance.

Exhaust Videos


BMW E60 M5 - Bypassing Action (Racing Performance)

BMW E60 M5 - Take Off Action (Racing Performance)

BMW E60 M5 - Video Courtesy of JDaddy @ (Racing Performance)

BMW E60 M5 - Video Courtesy of Rated///M @ (Meisterschaft Exhaust)

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