Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs BMW 5-Series [G30] - E10-20-038-01-22 / E10-20-038-02-22

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  • Get rid of that ugly factory wheel gap from the factory suspension
  • Progressive spring rates give you a comfortable ride when you're not pushing it
  • Lower center of gravity paired with the progressive spring rates gives you flat and composed cornering


  • Progressive spring rates front and back
  • Million-Mile Warranty
  • Tested with factory dampers
  • 1.2"" lowering front and rear from stock suspension
  • M550i xDrive .8"" lowering front .4"" lowering rear
  • Does not interfere with factory EDC system


  • 2017+ BMW 530i (incl xDrive) [G30]
  • 2017+ BMW 540i (incl xDrive) [G30]
  • 2017+ BMW M550i xDrive [G30]


If there's anything an enthusiast hates it's factory suspension. Suspension designed with the average driver in mind. The ride is overly soft, the cornering leaves you leaning horribly, and the wheel gap looks awful. Naturally this means that one of the first modifications an enthusiast looks for is some type of lowering spring or coilover. Now, if you're the type who loves tinkering and adjusting things on your car you'll probably look more towards coilovers which offer height adjustability and damper settings. If you're not into a lot of tinkering you can save a lot of time and money with a nice lowering spring set such as this offering from Eibach. Their progressive spring rates mean you get a nice comfortable ride until you start cornering faster, then the higher spring rates come into effect to keep you cornering level and stable. Over an inch of lowering front and back means you not only have a lower center of gravity (less inertia pushing you sideways in corners), your car will also look much better without the big factory wheel gap.


Please contact us if you have questions about the Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake for the 2017+ BMW 530i [G30]
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