Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 (UHP All-Season)

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$85.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
  • SportPlus Technology extends tread life to amazing new levels while still maintaining grip on wet roads and providing excellent steering feedback.
  • Take on the road regardless of what nature throws at you with the ultimate in Dry Wet and Snow Traction.
  • Finally a tire that delivers on everything; uncompromised grip in all conditions with incredible tread life
  • All tires Include complimentary ""Total Confidence Plan"" for a zero-buyers remorse experience

    2 Month Customer Satisfaction Trial, 1 year Road Hazard Coverage, 3 year Road-Side Assistance, 6 year/50,000 mi limited warranty.

    • Available in 16""-22"" sizes
    • 35% Greater Sidewall Strength vs previous DWS
    • Chamfered Edges, X-Sipes, and Traction Grooves Grip to Dry, Wet, and Snowy roads
    • 560 UTQG Rating
    • 50,000Mi Tire Tread Warranty (25,000mi*)

* 25,000Mi Tread Warranty For Staggered Setups (Cant Rotate Front To Rear)

Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 All Season Ultra High Performance Summer Tread Detail

The Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06...The Best All Season Tire. Period

Few tires can claim to do everything the best with no compromises. This is what makes Continentals Extreme Contact DWS 06 tire so exceptional.
Based on an evolution of the previously highly acclaimed DWS series, Continental further improved the breed with a focus of even longer tread life and side wall strength while also improving on Dry Wet and Snow traction.

Unique to Continental, Tuned Performance Indicators on the tires face allow you to to easily check the level of performance your tires have as your use them. Each letter imprinted on the surface represents the amount of tread needed to maintain optimum traction on each type of road surface.

Not sure if the sport sedan is able to take the family up to the ski slopes for the winter? Check to see that the ""S"" portion of the DWS logo is still visible. So long as each letter is there, your traction is assured. As the tire wears down and only the ""DW"" portion is visible, you can be assured for excellent traction still in Dry and Wet conditions. By the time the ""D"" has warn off, its time to change your tires.



Since ModBargains is an authorized Continental dealer, The Extreme Contact DWS 06 is also covered by Continental's Total Confidence Plan.This includes complimentary and pro-rated tire coverage and services incase anything should go wrong with your tire experience after your purchase. This includes a 2 month trial period, road hazard protection, Road Side Assistance towing or spare service, and warranty coverage for faults in the tire or excessive tread-wear.

PLEASE NOTE THE PRICE LISTED IS FOR TWO (2) Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 Tires. Prices vary based on size.

Add some Tire Stickers to make your new tires really stand out!

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