CKS Suspension Coilovers for 2003-14 Infiniti G35/G37 | Nissan 350Z/370Z

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CKS is fairly new to the industry, however with decades of combined experience, CKS has come up with a new coilover set up like no other out there.  Do to their state of the art coilover design, CKS has definitely made their presents known and already some of the largest suspension companies feel threatened.  Join the train and get a set of CKS coilovers for your Nissan/Infiniti and see what all the rage is about!

How CKS Coilovers are made
CKS coilovers are built using only the highest grade materials.  The upper mounts, lower mounts and spring perch are made out of 6061 T6 aluminum, and rely on SAE 9254 springs and SCM440 hardened piston rods.  Giving you a smooth and solid feeling ride, no matter if your driving through city pot holes, or racing on a track at 100+ mph.  The bottom line is that after all those years of development, CKS gives you a one of a kind coilover and a guaranteed peace of mind knowing your driving with the most reliable, safe and highest performing coilover on the market.

These CKS Coilovers offer 3 different setups: Street, Street/Track and Full Race.  This allows you to pick how aggressive you want your coilovers to ride.  They also offer 12 way dampening adjustability with a 12kg spring rate on the front and 10kg spring rate on the rear, making these CKS coilovers a true set of fully adjustable coilovers.

Vehicle Fitments:
Model Part Number Spring Rates Front Spring Rates Rear
Nissan 350Z 2003+ NS-109C 12 8
Nissan 370Z 2009+ NS-110C 12 8
Infiniti G35 2004+ NS-114C 12 8
Infiniti G37 2008+ NS-115C 12 8


  • Smooth yet aggressive feel

  • Comes in the option of street street/track or full track setup

  • Monotube design for smoother compression and stronger build

  • Everything needed to install these coilovers is included

  • Simple installation with no cutting or welding required

  • Built using the best materials for a high performance reliable coilover

  • 6061 T6 aluminum upper mounts
  • CKS is strong, safe and reliable
  • SAE 9254 springs and SCM440 hardened piston rod spring perches
  • 3 different setups, STREET, STREET/TRACK, FULL RACE
  • 12 way dampening adjustability
  • 12kg spring rate on the front and 10kg spring rate on the rear
  • Forged Aluminum upper mount
  • Forged Aluminum lower mount
  • Forged Aluminum perch
  • Mono tube design
  • Integrated dust boot to protect shaft and seal

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