Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Extensions for 2007-14 Audi A5/S5 [B8/B8.5] by APR Performance

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APR Performance Carbon Fiber Side Rocker Extensions for Audi A5 2007-Up

APR Performance's Carbon Fiber Side Rocker Extensions for Audi 2007-Up are made to fine tune your car's aerodynamic abilities after you have installed other components such as a wing, splitter or diffuser.  They can also be used to make your car look nice and low down to the ground without paying the money to lower it.  The glossy carbon fiber finish is outstanding and catches the attention of just about anyone around and adds to the aggressive stance that the side rocker extensions give to your Audi A5. 

The performance aspects of the APR Performance Carbon Fiber Side Rocker Extensions are endless.  They help keep air flow from gathering under the car and causing lift at high speeds on the race track.  They can also help channel air to a wing and create less drag by creating a high pressure air system around the entire car.  This allows for better stability and handling at high speeds because your Audi A5 becomes more slippery to the air around it instead of being slowed down by resistance.  These side rocker extensions have many benefits and are sure to make you smile whether it's because of their pure beauty or the sensation that you get when you are planted to the ground at speeds in excess of 100mph. 

So if you're interested in getting a pair of APR Performance Carbon Fiber Side Rocker Extensions for Audi A5 2007-Up, give ModBargains a call at 714-582-3330 to make an order and schedule an installation appointment.  Our mission is to give you the best modification experience for the best price.

APR Performance Carbon Fiber Side Rocker Extensions Audi A5 FS-505058

  • Fine-tuned downforce
  • Works in combination with other aerodynamic components
  • Gives a more aggressive stance and appearance
  • Less drag and more downforce
  • Carbon fiber composite construction
  • Specifically designed for your Audi A5
  • Engineered to make a high pressure air environment
  • All mounting hardware included

WARNING: Carbon fiber and FRP products are extremely difficult to install because they are handmade and created in molds that can slightly change overtime. This affects how the product fits to your car from the factory. So items like wings and other body parts will have to be sanded to adhere and attach to your car properly without compromising the structural integrity of your carbon fiber or FRP product. That is why we at ModBargains highly recommend that you have your APR Performance products professionally installed by us to ensure that you get the best end result and value for your money. We want you to love your new performance parts; that is why we have highly skilled and experienced installers that give you the fit and look that you want out of your carbon fiber and FRP parts.

APR Performance Carbon Fiber Side Rocker Extensions Audi A5 Close Up FS-505058
APR Performance Carbon Fiber Side Rocker Extensions Audi A5 Side View FS-505058

So if you're interested in grabbing an APR Performance Side Rocker Extensions, call ModBargains at 714-582-3330

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