Carbon Fiber Gear Selector Cover-BMW DCT Transmission

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This is a direct replacement to the mismatched gear selector switch cover in BMW's with automatic transmissions.  Made of durable ABS material and then wrapped in real 3K twill weave carbon fiber, the inside of your BMW will start to look like the outside-race ready yet highly sophisticated.  This carbon fiber cover replaces the factory part number #61319259007

This is a full replacement gear selector switch cover, so removing the OEM gear selector cover will be required during installation. 

CF Gear Selector Cover

Fits the Following Vehicles with Automatic Transmissions
F01 740i Sedan
F01 750i Sedan
F01 750iX Sedan
F01 ALPINA B7 Sedan
F01 ALPINA B7X Sedan
F01N 740i Sedan
F01N 750i Sedan
F01N 750iX Sedan
F01N ALPINA B7 Sedan
F02 740Li Sedan
F02 750Li Sedan
F02 750LiX Sedan
F02 760Li Sedan
F02 ALPINA B7L Sedan
F02N 740LdX Sedan
F02N 740Li Sedan
F02N 740LiX Sedan
F02N 750Li Sedan
F02N 750LiX Sedan
F02N 760Li Sedan
F02N Hybrid 7L Sedan
F04 Hybrid 7 Sedan
F04 Hybrid 7L Sedan
F07 535i Gran Turismo
F07 535iX Gran Turismo
F07 550i Gran Turismo
F07 550iX Gran Turismo
F07N 535i Gran Turismo
F07N 535iX Gran Turismo
F07N 550i Gran Turismo
F07N 550iX Gran Turismo
F10 528i Sedan
F10 528iX Sedan
F10 535i Sedan
F10 535iX Sedan
F10 550i Sedan
F10 550iX Sedan
F10 Hybrid 5 Sedan
F10N 528i Sedan
F10N 528iX Sedan
F10N 535d Sedan
F10N 535dX Sedan
F10N 535i Sedan
F10N 535iX Sedan
F10N 550i Sedan
F10N 550iX Sedan
F10N Hybrid 5 Sedan
F22 228i Coupe
F22 228iX Coupe
F22 M235i Coupe
F22 M235iX Coupe
F25 X3 28dX SUV
F25 X3 28i SUV
F25 X3 28iX SUV
F25 X3 35iX SUV
F26 X4 28iX SAC
F26 X4 35iX SAC
F30 320i Sedan
F30 320iX Sedan
F30 328d Sedan
F30 328dX Sedan
F30 328i Sedan
F30 328iX Sedan
F30 335i Sedan
F30 335iX Sedan
F30 Hybrid 3 Sedan
F31 328dX Touring
F31 328i Touring
F31 328iX Touring
F32 428i Coupe
F32 428iX Coupe
F32 435i Coupe
F32 435iX Coupe
F33 428i Convertible
F33 428iX Convertible
F33 435i Convertible
F33 435iX Convertible
F34 328i Gran Turismo
F34 328iX Gran Turismo
F34 335iX Gran Turismo


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