Brembo Big Brake Kit for 2010-14 VW Golf GTI [MK 6]

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The Brembo Big Brake Kit for MK6 VW GTI dramatically improves braking performance for the street or the track.

If you are looking for the ultimate in braking performance for the MK6 VW GTI, then you need to upgrade the factory braking system with the Brembo Big Brake Kit. Whether you are driving your GTI on the street or the track, the Brembo Big Brake Kit will dramatically improve stopping distances. The larger brake components of the Brembo Big Brake Kit gives your car more brake consistency and better brake modulation which results in better handling on curvy roads and on the track. The rotors are available in slotted or cross-drilled depending on what your taste is. Not only will this brake make the VW MK6 GTI perform a lot better, it will also add a sporty, more aggressive styling to your car as well especially if you have aftermarket wheels where the brakes are more visible. For an extra styling touch, the Brembo Big Brake Kit for MK6 GTI is available in black, red, or silver finishes.

Note: Brembo Big Brake Kit available for front brakes only

Brembo Big Brake Kit for MK6 VW GTI Features
  • Highest performing braking system available
  • Specifically designed for aggressive street and track driving
  • Larger diameter rotors and 4-piston calipers for maximum braking performance*
  • Significant improvement in stopping distance
  • Improved consistency in pedal feel and braking modulation
  • Larger brake system adds a sporty and aggressive styling
  • Brake rotors designed to significantly improve brake cooling
  • Rotors resistant to cracking by over 40% compared to other brake rotors
  • Includes high performance brake pads and stainless steel brake lines
  • Caliper finishes available: black, red, and silver
  • Mounting hardware and instructions included

*Note: Please see application guide below

  • 2010+ MK6 VW GTI

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Brembo Big Brake Kit in Black

Brembo Big Brake Kit in Red

Brembo Big Brake Kit in Silver

Brembo Big Brake Kit for VW MK6 GTI Application Guide

Vehicles Front or Rear Number of Caliper Pistons Disc Size and Type Drilled Rotors Part Number Slotted Rotors Part Number
MK6 GTI Front 4 328x28, 2-piece 1A1.6024A 1A2.6024A
MK6 GTI Front 4 330x28, 1-piece 1A4.6008A 1A5.6008A
MK6 GTI Front 4 355x32, 2-piece 1H1.8004A 1H2.8004A
MK6 GTI Front 4 365x29, 2-piece 1P1.8505A N/A

Brembo Big Brake Kit for VW MK6 GTI Installation

Professional installation recommended.


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