BMW X3 Lighting Kit (US) - HEADLIGHT PROTECTION/Color Changing Film

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Lamin-X Pre-cut Lighting kit for your Classic BMW X3 Head pair (US spec) covers 2 lights and includes handling tabs for easy installation. Lamin-X stops damaging road debris and the Colored kits add style and protection.



What is the difference between 20mm and 40mm clear film?
20 mm - Strong, perfectly invisible protection for lights and lenses. Keep your lights looking new for years and years.No more yellow, hazy lights from sand blasting and rocks chips. Very flexible and pliable for very rounded/curved light applications.
Adhesive backed for easy and very forgiving application to any surface. Great heat dissipation properties for those high heat/intensity lighting. Handles up to 300-degree temps.

40 mm - Our thickest and strongest film yet. 1/16th thick! Perfectly clear, invisible protection for lights and lenses. Keep your lights looking new for years and years. No more yellow, hazy lights from sand blasting and rocks chips.
Adhesive backed for easy and very forgiving application to any surface. Excellent protection for flat and lower temperature lenses. Handles up to 300-degree temps.

Can the film be removed without damage?
Lamin-x film can be easily removed without damage to the light or original paint. Upon initial application, the film can be pulled back up and reapplied numerous times if not installed correctly. The film and adhesive is forgiving enough for this. Once the film is settled (appx 48-72 hours) the product is not considered to be reusable. Upon removal warm the film and lift off slowly.

Are your colored films legal on headlights for street use?
Our colored films may not be legal for street use on primary lighting. An off-road disclosure is recommended. Please check your state or local laws before application. Installation of colored Lamin-x Films on your primary lights is done so at your own peril. None of our films produce a blue or red light when lit.

I just installed the film on my lights. There are still some tiny bubbles and milkiness underneath and creases/ripples on top of the film. What should I do?
Once the film settles any small bubbles/milkiness or application creases will disappear. Lamin-x is a breathable PVC vinyl film. Tiny air pockets will evaporate. The creases/ripples caused by application cards or your finger will smooth out once settled and warmed.

What's the difference between your film and your competitors?
Numerous things make our product more appealing than others, such as:

- Our films are impact resistant and a softened PVC vinyl film. Most competitor films are not impact resistant and have a top-coated urethane film.
- Installation errors can be corrected and repaired upon installation.
- Lamin-x is breathable for quicker curing and allows for newly applied paint to fully cure.
- Resists yellowing with minor yearly maintenance.
- Multiple colors and thicknesses available for multiple uses.
- Competitors only have clear films. No colors available.

5-year guarantee
Lamin-x Protective Films guarantees its products for five years from the date of purchase. The products are guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship, This guarantee is null and void if the products have been improperly handled or applied. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use or inability to use the products. If the products are not proven to conform to specifications the seller's and manufacturer's obligations shall be to replace it at no cost to the purchaser. All expressed or implied rights, warranties, guarantees, or conditions, stutory or otherwise, are excluded. The foregoing may not be altered, except by agreement signed by the buyer and seller, and is void where prohibited by law. During the three year guarantee period, you Lamin-x Protective Films product will be replaced free of charge, when proof of purchase and the defective product are returned to the seller or the manufacturer.



Specific Gravity(H2O=1):
Melting point:
Colored film grip level:
Tensile strength:
Tensile strength (KG/CM2):
TS - ASTM D-882:
El - ASTM D-882:
100% Modulus:
Mo - ASTM D-882:
Film characteristics:
Cold impact C:
Shrinkage %:
Grave Tear (KG/CM2):
UV Radiation Protection:
Visible Glare Rad Reduction:
Heat/Infrared Reduction:
300 degrees F
Softens at 185-215 degrees F
3400-3800 psi (depending on mil thickness)
235 (JIS K test method)
TD 3000-2400 psi
1000 hrs - no change in color
305-355% (JIS K 6732 test method)
TD 315-365%
1800-2400 psi (depending on mil thickness)
TD 1500-1900 psi
Formulated with UV inhibitor
No cracks at -35 degrees C (ASTM D 1593 test method)
Less than 1.5% (50 degrees C 10 minutes test method)
55 (JIS K 6732 test method)
58% (1 count = 023 MW min/cm2)
39% (1 count = 1.3 MW min/cm2)

Complies with WAC 296-62-054 and 29 CFR 1910.1200

Product is impact resistant, softened PCV vinyl film.
Cushioning effect reduces or eliminates projectile damage.
Easily shaped and curved with heat.
Installations errors can be corrected while being installed.
Breathable for quicker curing.
Product is scratch resistant, but any created cracks or scratches will disappear with time.
Resists yellowing with minor yearly maintenance (any UV protectant conditioner or screen - like Meguiars, Turtle Wax, Mothers, 303 Protectants).
Product storage info: Do not store near heat or direct/indirect sunlight. Average shelf life of one year when stored in original packaging. Do not store in an unwound condition (will cause film to pull up from backing material over time).

Note: Testing information is, to the best of the company's knowledge, accurate under numerous conditions; however, it does not apply in all cases. The summary chart is intended as a guideline and all recommendations are made without guarantee since conditions of use are beyond our control.
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