BMR Suspension Total Vehicle Poly Bushing Kit for 2008-09 Pontiac G8

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BMR Suspension Total Poly Bushing Kit for 2008-09 Pontiac G8


  • Steering Rack Mount Bushings
  • Inner Front Lower Control Arm Bushings
  • Front Radius Rod Bushings
  • Front Strut Mount Bushings
  • Rear Cradle Bushings
  • Differential Mount Bushings
  • Rear Lower Control Arm Outer Bushings
  • Rear Upper Control Arm Inner Bushings
  • Rear Trailing Arm Outer Bushings




  • Improved handling performance and driving feel
  • Reduces Suspension Deflection
  • Polyurethane bushings
  • Enhanced Traction
  • More Consistent Handling Performance
  • More ""Power-To-The-Ground""



Minimize suspension deflection and improve overall handling in your Pontiac G8 with a Total Suspension Bushing Kit from BMR Suspension. Manufactured in low-deflection polyurethane, this kit includes the Rear Cradle Bushing Kit (BK003), Rear Suspension Bushing Kit (BK007), and Front Suspension Bushing Kit (BK012). The BMR Total Suspension Bushing Kit (BK013) minimizes bushing deflection in all front and rear suspension links. Reduced suspension deflection ensures maximum tire contact resulting in better traction and more consistent and predictable handling abilities. Available in black.

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