BMR Suspension 2-Point Strut Tower Brace 2005-14 Mustang V8

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BMR Suspension 2-Point Strut Tower Brace 2005-14 Mustang V8 (non-Supercharged)
  • Tightens Front End Handling by increasing Chassis Rigidity
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation Using Factory Bolt Holes
  • Maximum Clearance Allows Easy Engine Cover Removal


The S197 generation of Mustang is FoMoCo's best handling live axle Mustang to date, but it could still be improved upon. Strut towers are subject to more load than most Drivers realize, and even just normal everyday driving can deflect the towers a measurable amount! Help alleviate the chassis flex problems that keep your Stang from being the best it can be with this 2-point strut tower brace.

Aggressive driving - and especially track-day driving conditions can move the towers around enough to create erratic handling inconsistencies out on the track and cause temporary alignment drift. Most of this load is directed inward as the strut/spring compresses and attempts to close the distance between the two towers, so bracing to tie the towers together helps cancel out the deflection.

BMR's front Strut Tower Brace reinforces the front end by tying the two strut towers together, effectively canceling tower deflection.

BMR strut tower braces are one of the most cost effective ways to improve handling on the the new Mustang platform. We build our braces out of heavy duty DOM tubing and use 3/16"" laser cut mounting plates to keep tower deflection to a minimum. Simple 15 minute installation.

This BMR Suspension upgrade is available in your choice of red powdercoat or black hammertone finish.

Note: This system is designed for Naturally Aspirated Mustang models and does not fit models fitted with Roots Superchargers.

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