BBi Barcode Exhaust for 2013-16+ Porsche 911 Turbo / S [991] BBIEX991TT

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  • Set your 911 apart from standard models with an exotic look that only a hand built exhaust can provide
  • Out perform other 911 owners both on the street or track with improved throttle response and enhanced engine performance
  • Announce your arrival and turn heads with BBi's unique exhaust note that is both beautiful and aggressive


  • 76.4mm tips
  • Optional Quad Tips
  • New high capacity HJS 200cspi Catalytic Converters
  • Over sized 3.0"" Piping
  • Minimized Bends



  • 2013+ Porsche 911 Turbo (991)
  • 2013+ Porsche 991 Turbo S (991)

Born From Race Cars


BBi Autosports new Barcode Exhaust system brings decades of race proven experience into a clean and elegant exhaust solution. The Barcode exhaust is a no excuse system built on the premise that during competition, there is no room for excess or miscalculation.

Form Defines Function


Every component has been upgraded, enlarged, and improved to maximize performance gains. An upgraded exhaust system is often the first component changed on a vehicle, so BBi has designed the Barcode to be the exhaust to upgrade of choice for 911 owners. This exhaust reduces restriction and increases over all volumetric flow with over sized 3.0"" mandrel and TIG welded bends with high flow HJS 200cpsi catalytic converters. All of which frees up horsepower, improves boost spool up, and increases throttle response.


A Sound Like No Other


Unlike other exhaust systems on the market, BBi offers driver choice when it comes to exhaust note. Everything from a aggressive sport sound for the daily driver, to motor-sport derived growl for hardcore enthusiast and track tuned weekend warriors.


If you have any questions about this or other BBi  911 products please give us a call at 714-582-3330

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