BAV Sound Ghost Underseat Subwoofer V2 Upgrade for Harman-Kardon/Premium/Bang & Olufsen (8ohm Pair)

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  • Crystal Clear Sound Like You've Never Experienced Before
  • Maximize the performance of your audio system
  • Strong Midrange Punch
  • Play your music louder and enjoy every note
  • Fits like factory parts 100% PnP


  • 2x 8ohm 100W RMS Underseat Ghost Subwoofers

  • Direct PnP Subwoofer Upgrade


  • Most Harman-Kardon Equipped BMWs (2004+ E & F Chassis Except 2 Series/M2)

  • Bang & Olufsen Equipped BMWs (2004+ E & F Chassis

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BAV Sounds Ghost Underseat Ghost Subwoofer pair is the go-to benchmark for high quality PnP sound upgrades for your 2004-Current E and F chassis. (Most Harman-Kardon / Bang & Olufsen)

These two matched 8"" 100W RMS 8-ohm subwoofer pair is matched to provide lower thump and bass performance for the higher-wattages sound systems found in Upgraded BMW Sound packages. This kit doubles your stock bass output with an improved speaker response curve. Filling in the low end gaps your factory subs leave behind. In less then 90 min of time from start to finish, you can install these underseat subwoofers easily with direct PnP functionality.

Ghost Underseat Subwoofer Kit Includes

Optional Upgrades

Please contact us if you have questions about the BAV Sound Ghost Underseat Subwoofer Kit for 2004-Current E & F Chassis vehicles (Most Harman-Kardon or Bang & Olufsen)
(714) 582-3330

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