Audi AirREX Air Struts and Optional Digital Management System

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Are you looking to move into the world of air suspension systems? is proud to work with AirREX Suspension, a new and emerging air suspension company that produces high-qualty air suspension systems. Whether you want a manual or completely digital air suspension system, AirREX Suspension and are your source for everything you need to get your car lowered!

AirREX Air Struts for your Audi will help lower your stance, while not losing driving functionality. You will not have to worry about speed bumps or driveways like you do on a static suspension system. Scroll down for a fitment guide.

This does not include a Air Management System, and that is an additional charge.


Product Info

  • Air Struts have a complete bolt on design, and have a 12 click adjustable monotube damper
  • Allow for a 3-5"" drop, depending on your application
  • Synthetic Rubber Air Springs
  • Fully Threaded Damper for an additional 2"" of static travel
  • Spanner Wrench Included
  • 1/4"" Compression Fittings

    The struts included in the kit are complete bolt-ons, and have a 12 click adjustable monotube dampener. Depending on your set up, the struts allow for a 3-5"" air spring travel, and have a fully threaded damper for an additional 2"" of static travel. 1/4"" Compression fittings are included, and as is a spanner wrench.


Pictured above is the AirREX Digital Air Management System. This system is fully assembled and leak tested, within a 30""x12""x10.5"" composite wood enclosure, pre-set up, ready for installation. The kit includes a 2.4GHz wireless remote control with three presets. Within the enclosure is a Viair 380C Compressor, which is capable of up to 205PSI. Attached to the compressor is a 3 gallon stainless steel air tank. Also included is a USB cable, power wire kit, and cig lighter adapter.

2014+ Lexus IS Digital Air Management System Info (optional)

  • Fully assembled and leak tested, 30""x12""x10.5"" composite wood enclosure
  • 2.4GHz wireless remote controller with 3 pressure based presets
  • Viair 380C Compressor
  • 3 Gallon Stainless Steel Air Tank
  • Backup Controller Included
  • Power Wire Kit, USB cable, and cigarette lighter adapter included

Fitment Guide

Chassis Code Model Top Mount Options Part Number
8L A3 excluding Quattro Uses Stock Top Mounts AirREX-AI001
8P A3 / A3 Quattro Fronts Included, Stock Rear AirREX-AI002
8P S3 Quattro Front Included, Stock Rear AirREX-AI003
8N (MK1) TT excluding Quattro Uses Stock Top Mounts AirREX-AI004
8L A3/S3/TT Quattro Front Only, uses stock AirREX-AI005
B6 A4 excluding Quattro Uses Stock Top Mounts AirREX-AI006
B6 A4 Quattro Uses Stock Top Mounts AirREX-AI007
B7 A4 excluding Quattro Uses Stock Top Mounts AirREX-AI009
B7 A4 Quattro Uses Stock Top Mounts AirREX-AI010
Q7 Q7 Uses Stock Top Mounts AirREX-AI011
B8 A4 /S4 Quattro Uses Stock Top Mounts AirREX-AI012
B8 A4 / A5 Quattro Uses Stock Top Mounts AirREX-AI013
B8 S5 Quattro Uses Stock Top Mounts AirREX-AI014
8J (MK2) TT / TT Quattro Front Included, Stock Rear AirREX-AI015
4G A6 Front Included, Stock Rear AirREX-AI016
4G A7 Front Included, Stock Rear AirREX-AI017
8XA A1 Uses Stock Top Mounts AirREX-AI018
Q3 Q3 Front Included, Stock Rear AirREX-AI019
8R Q5 Uses Stock Stop Mounts AirREX-AI020

AirREX Photos

AirREX USA was formed to help fill the air suspension market in the United States. Bringing an affordable, performance minded, and easy to install air suspension system to the US market, AirREX is making air suspension a viable option for everyone.

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