APR Performance GTC-500 70" Carbon Fiber Adjustable Wing for Mustang

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APR Performance GTC-500 70"" Wing for Mustang S197 2005-Up

APR Performance's GTC-500 70"" Wing for Mustang S197 2005-up is made for high speed touring environments where large amounts of downforce are needed to keep the car stable and responsive in the straights and corners.  This wing is 3-dimensional, meaning that it is sculpted to apply specific amounts of downforce at specific speeds so there aren't excessive amounts of drag that hold your car back from getting that record lap time.  Although this wing may not apply as much downforce as a drift wing or more dramatic setup would, it doesn't affect your top speed nearly as much. 

Steeper wings would actually slow your lap times in a touring environment and possibly be more dangerous because of the amount of resistance they cause at high speeds.  This wing is shallower than low speed wings so that you can still achieve substantial amounts of downforce while being able to keep up with the fast pace of circuit racing.  You get HUGE amounts of stability in a shallow wing package.  And that is why so many racecar drivers choose APR Performance's GTC-500 70 inch Wing; it gives you the best of everything.

So if you want the widest adjustable wing available in the market for your Mustang S197 2005-Up, give ModBargains a call at 714-582-3330 to place an order and installation date and time.  We want to see the smile on your face when your APR Performance GTC-500 Carbon Fiber 70"" Adjustable Wing is installed on your Mustang.

  • Made for high speed applications
  • Fully adjustable for different racing environments
  • Great carbon fiber look
  • 70"" for even downforce distribution
  • 3-Dimensional design
  • Gurney flaps for less drag
  • World's widest adjustable aftermarket wing
  • 10 degree center section to outer section difference

WARNING: Carbon fiber and FRP products are extremely difficult to install because they are handmade and created in molds that can slightly change overtime. This affects how the product fits to your car from the factory. So items like wings and other body parts will have to be sanded to adhere and attach to your car properly without compromising the structural integrity of your carbon fiber or FRP product. That is why we at ModBargains highly recommend that you have your APR Performance products professionally installed by us to ensure that you get the best end result and value for your money. We want you to love your new performance parts; that is why we have highly skilled and experienced installers that give you the fit and look that you want out of your carbon fiber and FRP parts.

APR Performance GTC-500 70 inch Adjustable Wing Mustang

So if you're interested in grabbing an APR Performance GTC-500 70"" Adjustable Wing, call ModBargains at 714-582-3330

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