Active Shift Designs Gas Pedal Lift Kit for 2013-2016 Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ [ZN6/ZC6] (ASD-003-BLK)

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Active Shift Design Pedal Lift Spacer
  • Lifts the pedal for smoother heel toe action and easier pedal transitions
  • Rev-match easier and exercise more precise throttle control
  • Ideal height to reduce fatigue on your right leg by reducing the gap between your pedals


  • Sleek and simple design for maximum reliability

  • Zinc-plated steel and powder coated finish for increased durability

  • Includes all necessary mounting hardware


  • 2012-2016 Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ [ZN6/ZC6]

Most people associate performance driving with people sawing away at the steering wheel yanking the car left and right, but they often neglect how intense a driver's footwork can be. Heel-toe downshifts, feathering throttle, clutch kicks, left foot braking: all techniques that require you to have amazing coordination and an efficient pedal layout.

While the FR-S and BRZ are often praised for the exceptional steering feel and the crisp manual transmission, the pedals, specifically the gas pedal, leave a little to be desired. With somewhat awkward placement and relatively numb feel (drive by wire), the addition of this Pedal Lift Kit can do wonders! By raising the pedal and bringing it closer in line with your brake pedal, you get a smoother transition from one or the other. This makes heel-toe shifts easier, and can reduce fatigue in your legs thanks to the more ergonomic height setting.

For the fastest lap times and smoothest driving, you need to have a good pedal setup and smooth footwork and sometimes all you need is a little height!

*Not actual product, just a demonstration of amazing footwork!

Active Shift Design Pedal Lift Spacer

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