Whiteline Front + Rear Swaybars + Endlinks Package for 2008-2011 Subaru WRX

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Whiteline Subaru Suspension Front and Rear Swaybar Package with Endlinks

Whiteline 350Z/G35 Suspension Front and Rear Swaybar Package with EndlinksWhat better way to increase the handling performance of your Subaru than to get front and rear sway bars that increase grip, decrease body roll, and enhance the feel of your car's handling? Well with these Whiteline Suspension Parts sway bars, you won't be disappointed.  They aren't only strong, durable and high quality; they are adjustable too! Each sway bar gives you three options (two in the front) of stiffness to get the rigid feel that you like in the corners and everywhere else on the road.  The higher the stiffness of your sway bars, the less body roll and more road feel that you get.  The only compromise to stiffer sway bars is stiffer steering, which is why these sway bars are adjustable; you can get just the right balance of steering and handling stiffness that you want.

But if you want more sway bar response to eliminate just about all body roll and sway everywhere on the road.  Everybody wants their tires gripping the ground as much as possible!  Well Whiteline Suspension Parts' swaybar endlinks definitely do the trick when it comes to getting that balanced, stiff but supple handling that you want in the corners. With Whiteline Suspension Parts, you are guaranteed to buy a quality part that will last just as long as your car will.

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If you are interested in either the Whiteline Suspension Parts Front & Rear  Swaybars + endlinks, please call: (714)-582-3330




  • Huge increase in cornering grip

  • More solid steering feel

  • Less body roll for a more comfortable ride

  • So durable that it will last your car's lifetime

  • Adjustable for any driving environment

  • Eliminates stock oversteer tendencies with thicker steel construction


  • Larger diameter for a more neutral steering feel

  • 22mm  Front & 22mm Rear (both adjustable)

  • Comes with replacement polyurethane bushings, installation grease and instructions

  • All steel construction


Front 22mm                                                                                   Rear 22mm

Whiteline 350Z/G35 Suspension Front Swaybar

Whiteline 350Z/G35 Suspension Rear Swaybar


Whiteline Swaybar Endlinks:


  • Adjustable steel balls for on the go sway bar tuning

  • High strength, no worrying about thrashing on your endlinks

  • Faster road response = more grip!

  • Better, more neutral, steering feel


  • Extremely durable construction, steel ball joints, polyurethane bushes, aluminum body

  • Standard length for full suspension travel

  • No rubbing or hitting problems due to stock measurements


Make Model Year Notes
Subaru Impreza WRX 2008-2011 Suits GR/GV Sedan/Hatch
Subaru Legacy 2004-2009 Suits BL/BP Sedan/Hatch Incl Turbo
Subaru Liberty 2004-2009 Suits BL/BP Sedan/Hatch Incl Turbo
Subaru Outback 2004-2009 Incl Turbo

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If you are interested in either the Whiteline Suspension Parts Front & Rear  Swaybars + endlinks, please call: (714)-582-3330

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