Whiteline Essential Front Vehicle Kit for Pontiac GTO

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Improve your Pontiac GTO handling by replacing your stock, worn out rubber bushings with Whiteline Essential Front Vehicle Kit-Activate more grip!. Whiteline bushings will not only improve your car's handling, but also prolong tire life. Whiteline Essential Kit bushings will get rid of your vehicles sloppy handling due to corroded rubber bushings, making every aspect of your GTO handling more precise, and sure footed. Improve your car's handling drastically with the addition of Whiteline Essential Front Vehicle Kit. 

The Whiteline Essential Front Vehicle kit contains Whiteline Part numbers W53175, W82047 and W81099-to Activate More Grip!

  • Improves handling
  • Increased life of suspension parts
  • Improved ride quality
  • Decreases the chance of developing ""clunking"" due to chassis aging
  • Prolonged tire life
  • Improved stability during braking
  • Activate More Grip! 


If you are located in the Southern California area (or are in need of a road trip destination),
we can install the
Whiteline Essential Front Vehicle Kit for the GTO!


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