Ron Hay

 Co-Founder & President
Ron Hay


2015 Tesla Model S (current)

2004 Porsche 996 911 Turbo (current)


Ron Hay is CEO & President of modbargains. Throughout Ron’s life he’s always been conducting different business transactions, from an early age of selling baseball cards. When he was in elementary school he would buy sour licorice candy direct from the factory to his classmates and school. During his teens, Ron’s passion for technology and computers took over, leading to his own private consulting jobs and to his fulltime job he had for 10 years as an IT director for seven car dealerships. Cars were always a passion that Ron had growing up, when finally buying his first BMW 2002 325i there was a great realization to how fragmented and expensive the aftermarket world was. This realization turned into the passion to help others in finding a great source of quality products at well-priced solution, hence modbargains.

Today, Ron continues on developing his staff to help out car communities and customers. Listening to our customers and bridging their needs from our sales staff to our suppliers are just some of the daily day-to-day task. He is very proud of all departments at modbargains for their passion to help customers and each individual to be the best at what they do. Ron’s passion in technology helps our web developments drive to continuously improve and keep moving forward. This passion for providing our customers desires, and to continuously improve ourselves is what fuels Ron’s vision for modbargains.

Ron enjoys weekly playing competitive poker, playing tennis, hiking, exercising, and traveling. He enjoys watching Lakers/Clippers Basketball and movies, and learning and exploring the latest in technology.